IZBAN Strike Ankara Will Solve

İZBAN Strike Ankara Will Solve: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, about the strike of İZBAN at the meeting of the Assembly: I requested an emergency meeting from the General Directorate of TCDD and the Ministry of Transport with the participation of all parties. T The President's call for an dan emergency summit “received a positive response from Ankara at the end of the Assembly meeting. Critical meeting tomorrow.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in November, the first session of the ordinary session, made significant statements about the İZBAN strike. President Kocaoğlu reminded that the rate of increase in HNXX in IZBAN was increased by 10% in the evening before the strike, but they suggested that they go on the strike. We think you're right. Therefore, as of the last day, if we accept 12 percent of the inflation, we have added 15 points by adding improvement to the 8 points. We made an evaluation with our friends and we said we should give 4 a raise if the side of TCDD is suitable. In the evening before the strike, we spoke with the Undersecretary of the Ministry and the Minister, and our 12 raise was presented to the union. This rate is high in Turkey is very important and these conditions. Neither the state institutions nor the metropolitan municipalities nor the private sector has such an increase. But the union has pronounced a figure around 15. We have not made more than 15 contracts. Our union colleagues and our colleagues working in İZBAN did not accept this and accepted 16.5 hike; they continued the strike ve and continued as follows:

“I'm right in the middle“

Var There are 8 members on the Board of İZBAN. 50 is a company of our partnership. I had several meetings with the president of the union. I also called the President of the union and discussed this issue with the General Directorate of State Railways in Ankara and the Ministry of Transport. I think we're gonna have talks on Tuesday or Wednesday. Because of the sensitivity of the subject, we need to make this meeting as soon as possible and solve the problem in the most recent date. I hope everything is sweet after the interview. I am in the heart of this business and I try to solve it with all my means. I'm not playing house. "

They admire Izmir

90 minute Indirect transportation system in Izmir, other provinces across underlines that the most advanced systems Mayor Kocaoglu in Turkey, "90 minute Indirect disembark due to transportation izban to any means of transport buses from far underground working in a manner coordinated with each other. 3 between the big cities of Istanbul and the number of passengers carried compared to the population of the metropolitan municipalities in Turkey from Izmir to Ankara incomparable. Istanbul and Ankara metropolitan municipalities admire Izmir. Izmir knows public transportation. It carries more passengers than most of its population. Nüfus

Thanks to bus drivers

Beri We are making all kinds of sacrifices in order not to be a victim of Izmir, önemli said Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has a strong bus, ferry and metro system. If one has weaknesses, we have the power to support public transportation by supporting with the other and without affecting the life to a great extent. I would like to thank ESHOT-İZDENİZ-METRO-İZULAŞ employees and managers for the support they gave to our fellow citizens of İzmir for this day, since the strike started.

”We should not make İZBAN a policy material“

Izmir Metropolitan Deputy Chairman Sirri Aydogan said the following about the İZBAN strike; Var There is general manager of İZBAN, they have partners to be addressed. This is not the task of the AK Party Provincial Chairman Bulent Delican. The situation is not the work of provincial presidents. Our wish is that the employer and the employer end this strike. The provincial chairman can give statements, reflect to the press, but not replace İZBAN executives. Let's not make political material for İZBAN. İZ

Positive response to urgent peak call

At the end of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly meeting, the news was expected from Ankara. The Chairman of the Ministry of Transport, who responded positively to the call of Mayor Kocaoglu, who called X emergency summit with the participation of all parties Başkan, invited the parties to the meeting tomorrow (15 November Tuesday).

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