Historical Railway Tunnel Registered

historic railway tunnel registered
historic railway tunnel registered

Our tunnel, which is approximately 225 meters long, was taken under protection by the Adana Regional Board of Preservation of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums published in the Official Gazette dated 04.06.2020.

II. Following the opening of the Anatolian Railway Line during the reign of Abdülhamid, it was planned to extend the line to Baghdad and Basra, and the construction of the Anatolian Baghdad Railway Line began with the contract signed on 23 December 1899.

Until 1918, a large number of tunnels were built in the region in order for the Anatolian-Baghdad Railway Line to cross the Taurus and Amanos Mountains and reach Baghdad.

Our tunnel 32, which is located between our Hacıkırı and Karaisalıbucağı stations, is still active today, with a 100-year history.



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