ASELSAN Realizes First Delivery of KANGAL Protected VIP Vehicles

Aselsan made the first delivery of coil protected vip vehicles
Aselsan made the first delivery of coil protected vip vehicles

ASELSAN, within the scope of the contract signed with the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) in 2018, after the factory and land acceptance tests of the KANGAL Drone-Mini / Micro UAV & RFEYP Jamming / Jammer System, which were needed by the General Directorate of Security and the Air Force Command, were successfully completed in December. made its first delivery.

Many systems, which started mass production and took part in the first delivery party, will take part in the convoys of senior officials after training, and will play a role in protecting against RF controlled handmade explosives and making a safer journey.

The KANGAL Jamming / Blunting System ensures the protection of convoys, VIP vehicles against RF-controlled hand-made explosives and military facilities / bases, government institution buildings, high-level authorized residences, ceremony areas and control points against Drone / Mini UAVs. Thanks to its full coverage feature, KANGAL applies active mixing to the RFEYP trigger frequencies of radios, remote controls, mobile phones and remote control, GNSS, Data / Image / Video Transmission frequencies of Drone / Mini UAVs in the entire Radio Frequency (RF) band. KANGAL Drone-Mini / Micro UAV & RFEYP Jamming / Jamming System, which is designed for new generation, multi-channel, compact and multiple purposes; Studies for its use in IHTAR, Modular Base Regions and similar projects continue.

RF controlled Handmade developed by ASELSAN to provide protection against explosive COIL Mixing / blunting System to be completed in a short time all deliveries under the contract, and Turkey is expected to provide comprehensive protection in around the convoy and facilities. (Source: defenceturk

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