Flag Exchange at IZSU Headquarters

Flag change in Izsu general directorate
Flag change in Izsu general directorate

Aysel Özkan, Deputy Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was appointed by proxy for the General Directorate of İzmir Water and Sewerage Administration (İZSU).

An assignment was made for İZSU General Directorate, which was vacated by the retirement of Raif Canbek. Aysel Özkan, who still serves as the Deputy Secretary General in the Metropolitan Municipality, was appointed as the Deputy General Manager to IZSU.

Who is Aysel Özkan

Aysel Özkan started his career as an agricultural engineer in Ankara in 1992 and continued in 1998 as the Bornova Municipality's Directorate of Parks and Gardens. Özkan, who carried out this duty for 10 years, served as the Deputy Mayor of Bornova Municipality between 2008-2011. Aysel Özkan, who was appointed as the Head of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Purchasing Department in 2011, has served as Assistant General Secretary since 2013.

Aysel Özkan graduated from Erzincan Health Vocational High School and Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture.

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