Fever Measurement for Bus Drivers in Denizli

fever measurement before the expedition to the bus drivers at sea
fever measurement before the expedition to the bus drivers at sea

Measurement of fire before the bus drivers ... Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which performs disinfection operations every day in the city buses that provide public transportation services in Denizli, measures the fire of the bus drivers before going on a trip.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues to intensify the measures it has taken against the corona virus spreading all over the world after it emerged in Wuhan, China. In this context, while the teams affiliated to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department continue disinfection processes at the Metropolitan Municipality service points, Metropolitan Municipality Transportation A.Ş. increased the measures it took against the corona virus in the city buses serving in the city. Every morning, all buses are disinfected and Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which places hand disinfectant devices inside the buses for the hygiene of the passengers, measures the fires of the bus drivers before the trip.

Fever measurement at 05.00 am

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Home Care and Health Center staff came to the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bus Management Facilities at 05.00 in the morning and measured the fire of the municipal bus drivers before the expeditions started. It was stated that while there is no negative situation in the measurement of fever of 150 city bus drivers, the controls will be carried out regularly and the necessary health measures will be applied to the person who will have a high fever.

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