COVİD-19 is a great test for world socio-economy

covid world is a great test for socio-economy
covid world is a great test for socio-economy

Aegean Young Business People Association - EGİADevaluated the social and economic effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Aslan stated that the world economy will be “significantly” affected by the spread of this epidemic, and that the necessary measures must be taken in order to protect the Turkish economy in the long term. Expressing his hope that this process will be left behind, Aslan said, “We will continue our way again in a new order. Our goal as a country is to eliminate this business with as little loss as possible. We think that we are one of the countries that carry out this process very successfully. We believe that we will overcome this event with the right sense of the society. ”

Within the scope of the measures taken EGİAD Indicating that the Association Center was disinfected EGİAD President Mustafa Aslan stated the measures they took within the scope of COVID-19 as follows: “In line with the decision of the General Directorate of Provincial Administration of the Ministry of Interior, it was decided to hold the Board and Commission Meetings by using digital platforms, not by physically gathering. In addition, all our meetings have been canceled. "Disinfection was performed at the headquarters of the association, and 2 people were physically assigned to the association by the personnel on duty, and the remaining were assigned as a connection from home."

Referring to the global effects of the Corona virus, Aslan reminded that all the world trade was going through a negative process. Large decline in travel restrictions and trade, tourism and the loss of demand in the retail sector will affect the economy of Turkey. The economy should also be added to the package of emergency measures taken due to the epidemic. There are sectors that need to be supported. These supports are of great importance. It is impossible for us to overcome this important bend in a healthy way without the private sector - public cooperation. It is important to take these precautions in advance to prevent economic problems after the virus is overcome. ” Reminding that many companies have canceled their business travel for a long time and had to suspend their investment plans, Aslan said, “This virus is a great test for the World Socio-Economy”.


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