Capital City Teenagers Have Fun Learning Traffic Rules

capitalized children learn the rules of entertainment by having fun
capitalized children learn the rules of entertainment by having fun

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Kurtuluş Park within the Traffic Training Center, the funky way to teach the rules of the tiny children.

the tiny; pedestrians and drivers must comply with the rules of cycling and riding to the service of all kinds of traffic training is given.


The education, which the schools show great interest, is carried out in two ways as theoretical and practical.

The little ones, while learning the rules of traffic in Ankara's miniature course on the one hand, at the same time passes the wheel of the cordless vehicles.


The little ones walking in a safe environment with expert trainers on the traffic track at Traffic Training Center; learn overpass, school crossing, pedestrian crossing, traffic signs, traffic lights and life-saving traffic rules.

Schools that want to participate in the training program for the tiny children in the capital have to make an appointment at “0312 507 15 38 telefon.


Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Training Center Trainer Mehmet Ali Onar stated that their aim is to reach children from adults to children and gives the following information:

“This is even more effective when children warn their parents. The kids are kind of traffic policemen in their own vehicles. We give this education to the first, second, third and fourth grades. The first period lasts from September to mid-November. Our second semester starts in April and continues until the school closes. ”

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