Penalty for the Public Bus for Not Complying with the 50% Rule in Istanbul

Penalty for public bus that does not obey the rule in Istanbul
Penalty for public bus that does not obey the rule in Istanbul

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, urban mobility in Istanbul fell to 8 percent. With the circular of the Ministry of the Interior, the passenger carrying capacity of public transport vehicles has been reduced to 50 percent. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced that a support payment will be made for Private Public Bus operators whose revenues do not meet their costs.

Nevertheless, an enthusiastic operator, his eye was 62 XNUMX Gültepe this morning.Kabataş line filled the bus with the passenger in violation of social distance and 50 percent rule. IETT General Directorate started an investigation on the images recorded by a passenger and reflected to the public. As a result of the examination, it was decided to revoke the certificate of the driver of the vehicle carrying the passenger in violation of the rules. The driver in question will no longer be able to use any Private Public Bus or vehicles from other businesses. In addition, it was decided to ban the vehicle from the expedition and impose fines on the operator.

IETT instantly tracks passenger traffic through the Fleet Tracking Center. When there is a demand for passengers on a line above the specified limit, immediate action is taken to reduce the density of the line with spare vehicles.

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