A Very Important Move From IMM To Finish The ISPARK Staffs

ibbden ispark moves
ibbden ispark moves

IMM, outside the working hours of İSPARK, in the public parking garages across the city under the name of parking forced to take new measures against the crutchers who want money. In these open parking lots where staffs get unfair income, İSPARK will extend their working hours and by maximizing security with security cameras.

İSPARK, established as an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) in 2005 to finish illegal parking and illegal practices, has prevented those who collect unfair parking fees throughout the city since then.

Serving approximately 2 thousand 300 employees and average 500 thousand drivers every day in the parking lot close to 120 and all around Istanbul, İSPARK took precautions against the staffs who appeared in some open parking lots in recent days.


İSPARK General Manager Murat Çakır, who made a statement regarding the measures taken, stated that they observe staffs who want to collect illegal parking fees from citizens throughout the city. Çakır said, inde As a result of our interviews with both internal and security units; We have decided to take some precautions. First of all, we will extend the working hours for our staff working in open parking lots where staffs are seen. ”

Slogans, 'Park safely, service with a smiling face' said Çakır, said:
“We will continue our efforts for secure parking throughout Istanbul, especially in problematic areas. We immediately started our efforts to extend working hours, which is one of the measures we will take. Our friends are continuing their field investigations regarding the establishment of barrier systems for entrances and exits in open car parks. As of the end of the month; both lighting, barrier and security camera system by implementing these places will bring more secure still. With the measures we have taken, we will prevent the collection of parking fees in such illegal organizations. ”


Çakır also answered a question about what the citizens should do if they encounter the staffs: We will also take the necessary precautions and notify the relevant units about these places. We are ready to take every precaution so that our citizens do not encounter any other problems. ”



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