Samsun Logistics Center Capacity Will Increase

Samsun Logistics Center Capacity Will Increase
Samsun Logistics Center Capacity Will Increase

It is entitled to receive support within the scope of the 2019 Attraction Centers Support Program (CMDP), to which Samsun TSO is the applicant. kazanThe contract for Samsun Logistics Center Horizontal Closed Warehouse Construction Project was signed at the ceremony.

On behalf of Samsun Governor Osman Kaymak and Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO), Board Member Fahri Eldemir signed the project contract signing ceremony held at the Central Black Sea Development Agency (OKA). Chamber General Secretary Süleyman Karabük and Logistics Center Manager Temel Uzlu also attended the ceremony that Samsun TSO Chairman Salih Zeki Murzioğlu could not attend due to being out of the city.

Service capacity will improve

Speaking at the ceremony, Samsun TSO Board Member Fahri Eldemir said that the general aim of the project is to diversify and strengthen the production infrastructure of Samsun Logistics Center, which gathers all logistics centers in Samsun, and to support the city's logistics attraction center target. With the project, 4 more horizontal warehouses will be added to Samsun Logistics Center. kazanEldemir stated that “We have realized that there is an important potential in the region in terms of bulk cargo storage service in our province, and we have prepared such a project. We have many members in these sectors registered to our chamber. Horizontal storage is mostly preferred by companies dealing in cereals, pulses and oilseeds. Bulk cargo constitutes 30 percent of Samsun's foreign trade. With the project, horizontal closed warehouse construction will be realized that will support the diversification of Samsun Logistics Center's service capacity. With the project, 4 thousand square meters, 4 units and 13 thousand tons capacity bulk warehouses will be built. The total cost of the project, 50 percent of which will be supported by a grant, is 6 million 72 thousand TL.

Production and export capacity will expand

Stating that Samsun Logistics Center is a facility designed to serve on an international scale, Eldemir. "Samsun, the only alternative is a city owned by the three provinces with the transport infrastructure in Turkey. It is an ambitious city in the logistics sector as a result of its infrastructure and facilities. Therefore, the project is within the scope of guided project support in the context of developing production and export capacity, creating good practice examples, supporting sectoral specialization, developing special knowledge, skills and technologies, developing new service and production organizations, establishing cooperation networks and value chain in order to strengthen private sector management.

it is directly related to the areas to be supported. With the project, which is planned to be completed in a year, the variety of storage in the Logistics Center will increase. ”

Agencies pioneer development

Wishing that the signed project will be beneficial for Samsun, Samsun Governor Osman Kaymak said, “Our Central Black Sea Development Agency has pioneered many important jobs in our city as a regional agency. Whether we have a fair and congress center, a Samsun Logistics Center, their contribution to major projects and other services continues. Agencies now lead many development areas in our city. Because our agency's experience and experience show that it will do better. There is now project accumulation in Samsun. Friends show that; When we do a job, we have to do a project. This project culture needs to settle in all institutions. I would like to thank the friends who contributed to the preparation of these projects. ”

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