İZTAŞIT Will Become Live In Bergama

iztasit will come to life in bergama
iztasit will come to life in bergama

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer met with the mukhtars of Bergama. The meeting lasted five hours. Tunç Soyer gave the good news of many projects they will implement in the district, from transportation to infrastructure, agriculture to social projects.

Headquarters meetings of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, which are initiated in remote districts to find fast solutions by determining the problems of citizens, are ongoing. Tunç Soyer met with the Mukhtars of Bergama today. Soyer Bergama Mayor Hakan Koştu attended the meeting on the construction site of IZBETON and he took notes by listening to 137 muhtars one by one.

İZTAŞIT will come to Bergama

During the meeting, he gave information about the works they planned to carry out in Soyer Bergama. Expressing that they will implement the İZTAŞIT application in Bergama, Soyer also said the following about the project that will extend the İZBAN line from Aliağa to Bergama: “As İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we will build stations, underpasses and overpasses. TCDD will make the line and install the signaling system. When they say 'ok' we are ready to build the stations ”

Two advanced biological waste facilities

Yeniköy to solve the domestic wastewater problem of the district and KadıköyExplaining that an advanced biological wastewater treatment plant will be established in Istanbul and a package treatment facility will be built in 49 settlements, Soyer also gave instructions to the construction of a drinking water package treatment facility in Karalar Mahallesi.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will also pour 2020 kilometers of asphalt into the district in 59, lay 150 square meters of key cobblestones and make a surface coating of 350 square meters.

Support to agriculture and animal husbandry

Upon the request of the cooperative founded by Dagestan District Mukhtar Suat Karameşe, Soyer said that they could include this region in the buffalo distribution project in Selcuk to support buffalo breeding. Soyer also stated that they were bidding to establish an olive oil factory in Bozköy and announced that they would start buying milk from the cooperative established by the producers in Sekik Mahallesi.



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