TCDD 161. Celebrate Year with Chess Tournament

Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 161 anniversary of the foundation of the award-winning chess tournament due to be held in Ankara YHT Station.

TCDD's 161. 14-15 will be held in Ankara YHT Train Station on October 2017.
This year 161. TCDD, one of the most established institutions in Turkey, was not only a means of transportation. In 1930 in Eskişehir, in 1932 in Ankara and in the following years Demirspor clubs established all over Anatolia became the locomotive of the development of sports in our country.

Demirspor is one of the locomotive clubs of Ankara Demirspor, TCDD'nin 161. anniversary of TCDD Foundation, Ankara Representative of Turkey Chess Federation in collaboration with ATG and our country and contribute to popularize the sport of chess is organizing chess tournaments in order to give.

7 in Ankara YHT Station will be held in a separate category of the tournament in each category of the top three athletes will be awarded with money, trophies and medals.

The first round of the tournament will begin at 14 on Saturday, October.

15 15.00 will start at 7 on October Sunday. and after the last round the award ceremony will be held.



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