Kocaeli Taxi Barrier-Free For Needs

barrier free taxi next to those in need
barrier free taxi next to those in need

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality provides services to disabled citizens with “Disabled Kocaeli Taxi”. In this context, a “Barrier-Free Kocaeli Taxi” was brought to the aid of Ahmet Sarıbaş, a 49-year-old disabled who lives in Karaağaç District of Kandıra District.


With the “Disabled Kocaeli Taxi” operating within the Department of Health and Social Services of the Metropolitan Municipality, free transportation services are provided for the transportation needs of disabled citizens, especially educational institutions, cultural activities, and social life.


“Barrier-Free Kocaeli Taxi”, working with the appointment system, came to the aid of the 49-year-old disabled Ahmet Sarıbaş, who lives in the Karaağaç District of Kandıra district and should have a health report. Ahmet Sarıbaş, who was walking very hard due to muscle disease, was taken from his home by Kocaeli Taxi without Barriers and was taken to Seka State Hospital.


Stating that he has been struggling with this disease since his birth, Ahmet Sarıbaş said; “I have been struggling with this disease since I have known myself. Over time, I became unable to walk. I had a transportation problem for my hospital and other jobs. May Allah be pleased with our Municipality. My victimization was eliminated. Whenever I call, they run to my aid. ” used the expression.


An appointment is made by calling the Call Center number 153 to benefit from the “Barrier-Free Kocaeli Taxi” service. Thanks to the 'Barrier-Free Kocaeli Taxi' service, which is carried out in a planned manner with the appointment system, people with disabilities who use wheelchairs, education, social life, etc., especially the departure and arrival requests to health institutions. Support is also given to their requests for justifications. In addition, in case of unplanned demand situations, the appointment system is provided to benefit from the service according to the availability.


There are 1 vehicle in Gebze region and 4 vehicles for other districts for unimpeded Kocaeli Taxi service. Specially equipped vehicles allow people with wheelchairs to travel comfortably with their companions. People with disabilities who are wheelchair users can benefit from the Kocaeli taxi service without barriers. To benefit from the service, an appointment can be made by calling 153 Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Call Center.


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