Izmir Says Farewell to Winter with Festival

Izmir shortly says goodbye to the festival
Izmir shortly says goodbye to the festival

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is bidding farewell to winter to support winter tourism. The 365 + 1 Winter Festival is on 29 February at Ödemiş Gölcük.

While Izmir Metropolitan Municipality says goodbye to winter, it organizes 365 + 1 Winter Festival to support winter tourism and promote districts outside the center. Participation in the festival in Ödemiş Gölcük is free.

The festival, where the children's animation team will be in the area throughout the day, will start at 12.00. At 13.30, dj Ulaş Çetinkaya will perform. Metin Arolat will take the stage at 16.00. Arolat will leave the stage to dj Orhun Özsoydan at 17.30.

Sausage bread will be distributed to the audience within the scope of the festival.

Free service
Konak Atatürk Cultural Center for the event, Karşıyaka Free shuttle service will be removed from İskele, Bornova Metro exit and Üçkuyular İskele points at 09.30 and 10.00. The return time will be 18.30 and 19.00.

The Winter Festival 365 + 1 gets its name from the addition of a 6-hour time slot to the calendar every four years as February 29.

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