Special Protection for Healthcare Professionals at Eşrefpaşa Hospital

Special protection for healthcare professionals at esrefpasa hospital
Special protection for healthcare professionals at esrefpasa hospital

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital has developed a different method to reduce the possibility of transmission while testing the patients who come to the hospital with suspicion of Covid-19. The hospital management turned a safety cabinet into a health cabin to sample patients.

At the Eşrefpaşa Hospital of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, many measures were taken for the coronavirus outbreak. A safety cabinet was transformed into a health cabin to take samples from patients. Thus, healthcare staff can take samples without coming into contact with those who come to the hospital with suspicion of Covid-19.

The samples are sent to the Izmir University of Health Sciences Tepecik Training and Research Hospital. Ali Serdar Pedükcoşkun, the Chief Physician of Eşrefpaşa Hospital, stated that after the epidemic started, they took precautions to minimize the contact of the hospital staff and the patients. Two areas were opened for healthcare workers to use their arms. The patient is standing on the outside of the cabin, while the doctors are on the inside. Thus, samples can be taken from the patient without contact. ”

“The possibility of contamination disappears”

Stressing that the possibility of contamination has disappeared because the patient was taken as an example from the cabin, Pedükcoşkun stated that, in order not to expose the patient, the surroundings of the cabin were closed with screens and our patients were taken under treatment in the Covid-19 isolation service we created within the hospital. We have personal protective safety equipment and drugs that should be used immediately in our hospital. We have all kinds of hardware. No one of our citizens should be worried about this. ”

Pedukcoşkun also stated that after each patient, the cabin was ventilated and all surfaces were disinfected. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality had placed it in the polyclinics section of Eşrefpaşa Hospital through thermal cameras measuring the body temperature.

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