TCDD Sent Aid Train for Housing Needs of Earthquake Survivors

tcdd sent aid train for earthquake survivors needs
tcdd sent aid train for earthquake survivors needs

📩 27/01/2020 10:36

Elazig and create major damage in Malatya, our country and our citizens are affected by all of Turkey deeply upset by the earthquake disaster in order to support their housing needs, Elazig station building and opened to the use of heating earthquake here waiting coaches. In addition, 2 lodgings in the Elazig Uluova station were given to the use of 2 families upon the request of the governorship.

In order to increase this service, which is used by approximately two thousand people, the personnel service wagons, which are completed in TÜVASAŞ, a subsidiary of TCDD, and ready for shipment, were sent to Elazig Station by the General Directorate of TCDD under the coordination of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

The train departing from Adapazarı is added to the train from Afyonkarahisar and it is expected to be in Elazig Station in the following hours. Apart from these, a total of 24 cold-weather tents, each 2 m5 and insulated, will be delivered to earthquake victims.

The wagons that will reach Elazig Station will be offered to the use of citizens by the AFAD Coordination Center.

As the Turkish Railway Family, the aid train of TCDD, which wishes mercy from Allah to our citizens who lost their lives in the Elazığ earthquake, condolences to their relatives and urgent healing to our injured citizens, is on the way.

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