TCDD Incentive Exam Date Announced

Upgrade test date has been determined in tcdd
Upgrade test date has been determined in tcdd

The date of the promotion exam, which was requested by the Transport Officer-Sen at the TCDD 2019/2 KIK meeting held in December and later requested from the institution in March 2020, was announced.

The exams will be directed to the titles of Traffic Controller, Traffic controller and Road Surveillance. The application deadline for exams was determined as 26.06.2020. Exam applications will be made on the corporate website.

Transportation Officer-Sen President Kenan Çalışkan said, “To increase the motivation of the personnel working in the TCDD General Directorate, to provide specialization in the sector, to spread the corporate culture and to transfer the field experience to the service, opening the Promotion and Title Change exam for the personnel who have received the necessary training within the TCDD. We requested the TCDD Management in both the JCC meetings and other meetings.

As of today, as a result of our efforts and persistent demands, our Institution Managers announced the exam schedule of Promotion. Our Institution Managers will do the necessary work for the Title Change exam as soon as possible. As the General Authorized Union Transport Officer-Sen, we wish success to the personnel who will take the Promotion Exam. ”

Günceleme: 04/01/2023 09:18

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