General Directorate of Foundations Will Recruit Continuous Workers

foundations will make the general manager permanent worker
foundations will make the general manager permanent worker

Foundations General Directorate of Foundations Olive products with factory attached to the Directorate Business / producer to operate in the sales branch, 4857 with public institutions to be implemented in the Workers Received Principles and Procedures Concerning Turkey Business Council within the scope of Regulation (TEO) via 20 "permanent workers ”Employees will be recruited by examination to the staff.

Quotas of the General Directorate of Foundations Permanent Workers are as follows;

6 Agricultural Products Salesperson,

3 Agricultural Products Salesperson,

1 Olive Industry Technician (Olive and Olive Processing Technology),

4 Agricultural Products Sales Staff (High School-Vocational High School),

1 Truck Driver (High School-Vocational High School),

5 permanent workers will be recruited, including 20 Brine Workers (at least primary school graduates).

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