how much ispark fees
34 Istanbul

ISPARK Fees Increased in 2020?

İSPARK parking fees of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality were increased to 40 percent. Citizens reacted to the hikes that took place with the decision taken at the December 2019 parliamentary meetings at IMM. past [more…]

dolmush freezes in taxi
61 Trabzon

Taxis in Trabzon Return to Taxi

Evaluations of Trabzon's problems on the agenda of the meeting was full of modernization. Ömer Hakan Usta, President of the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles, stated that they believe that the people of Trabzon and the shopkeepers will be pleased with the transformation. [more…]

first female parkomats started in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

First Women's Parkomats started to work in Eskişehir

In the beginning of December, the first woman parkomats started to work in Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, which announced that they would employ female parkomat officers with the announcement announced in their social media accounts. He started working at Mahmut Pehlivan Street in Kızılcıklı in the first days. [more…]

iett new line acti
34 Istanbul

49 New IETT Lines Opened in Istanbul

IETT has opened 34 new lines, 15 of which are on the European side and 49 on the Anatolian side, to meet the transportation needs of Istanbul residents. IETT aims to provide comfortable transportation services to Istanbul residents. For transportation to Marmaray [more…]