TÜVASAŞ Hired Ceremony for Employee Employees

Workers with TÜVASAŞ Staff Retirement Farewell Ceremony Held: Turkey Wagon Industries Inc., which held a farewell ceremony for retired staff working in the year 2013 52.
The ceremony held at the TÜVASAŞ Training Hall was attended by Trol's General Manager Erol İnal, Assistant General Managers Hikmet Öztürk, Turgut Köksal, Cuma Çelik, retired workers, their families and factory personnel.
Speaking at the ceremony, Erol İnal said, “You have great efforts to come to these days. We continue with enthusiasm from where you left. We will announce new projects that you will be proud of in the coming days. ” said.
Erol İnal asked the retired staff to explain the services of Tüvasaş where they went by uploading a new mission, “I wish health, happiness and well-being in your new lives. I thank you all for the services you have done so far. ” He finished his speech by saying.
In the ceremony where emotional moments were experienced, Erol İnal, General Manager, presented his plaques to the retired personnel.

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