EGİAD Trade Bridge Unites Business World

EGİAD Trade Bridge Unites Business World
EGİAD Trade Bridge Unites Business World

EGİAD The Trade Bridge continues to be an example to the business world. EGİAD - This year, the event, which was created to establish and expand Business Networks, one of the most basic expectations of members of the Aegean Young Business People Association, was high this year. EGİAD GYİAD, the Young Managers and Businessmen Association, participated in the organization, which was organized for the 7th time this year.

Aiming to meet the right practices in business network and implement these applications EGİAD'Young business people,'EGİAD Came together at the 7th Trade Bridge event. organizations contributing significantly to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey was close to 100 business representatives attended. Turkey's leading nongovernmental organizations in the business world and brings together the events took place in Khan Cultural Center. meeting where he met with each of the business world and establish business connections, it was an example to all civil society organizations in Turkey. EGİAD, in order to establish and expand Business Networks, one of the most basic expectations of its members,EGİAD Thanks to the organization known as “Speed ​​Networking - Quick Meeting” under the title of “Trade Bridge”, grounds were created for many business connections and partnerships. With the participation of Istanbul-based GYİAD members this year, which has increased the revival of the business world in the Aegean Region in the past years, the organizational effect was realized among the regions. At the meeting, EGİAD It was emphasized that importance was given to the development of trade and investment relations with members and other business partners.

Making an opening speech in the organization EGİAD Chairman Mustafa Aslan, drew attention to the fact that competition and business models are changing rapidly, and that new and innovative systems are going through a process that takes business life to different dimensions, and that the way to evaluate this process in the best way is through networking. Aslan said, “The power and effect of direct communication face to face is still very important in today's world when social networks are moved to digital environment. Today, it is not possible for an entrepreneur and investor who does not have a good network to survive in business life. Social capital is one of the indispensable criteria for a communicator when entering business life. What can I do with my social capital, which doors can I open? Who am I in contact with? Who knows me? The answer to all these questions allows the person to see the current situation clearly. An entrepreneur with strong connections can be much more effective and get support whenever they need it. However, the most important issue is to have a ready-made network available when support is needed. For this, it is necessary to establish, develop and keep alive with people before they are needed. We come into play right at this point. Here, we bring together the business world, create a network, and prepare for the time they will need each other. We see our connections, business networks and common acquaintances more clearly. This shows how important networking is. We need to add an important detail here. When you examine your past successes and failures, you can clearly see the impact of people around you. Whether we want it or not, our environment affects both our success and our quality of life. That is why it is vitally important to whom we know and who we connect with. In this sense I am today EGİAD"I feel very happy and lucky to be with you and GYİAD's valuable members."

As a non-governmental organization that effectively uses the Speed ​​Networking - Fast Dating system, which is closely followed by the world and establishes the Trade Bridge network. EGİADwas once again a first. EGİAD interference with trade networks became widespread in Turkey thanks to this system evolves, today's business opportunities where competition is every day more breaker has been become more visible. One of the next goals was determined as the construction of the trade bridge under an organization that includes foreign investors and business people.

EGİAD What is the Trade Bridge?

Best performance in less time

At the event, the participants were moved at the same time with a few minutes intervals and it was aimed to get the most people to meet each other professionally in a limited time. In the talks, which were defined as elevator speech, the most important points about the company were explained. With this practice, which is based on the principle of being able to tell their own business in a very short time and asking the right questions to the other party, it is aimed to increase the cooperation among the member business people.

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