EGİAD Covid 19 Crisis Table Set Up

egiad covid set up crisis desk
egiad covid set up crisis desk

Ministries, local governments and political parties continue their struggle without slowing down in the coronavirus epidemic, which affects the world, killing thousands of people. EGİADcame from. All the world under its domain and related to corona virus outbreak spreading rapidly in Turkey EGİAD The Aegean Young Businessmen Association broke new ground and created a crisis desk for any support that its members may need. Consisting of Board Members and employees EGİAD The Crisis Desk will operate as a support and steering group for the socio-economic processes that its members may need under Covid 19. The crisis desk in this context will operate as the first crisis desk established by the NGO.

EGİAD According to the written statement made by him, the details of the crisis table were given in detail. In the first place EGİAD In the written statement sent to the members and then shared with the press, the following assessment was made: “In the face of this tragic event in which hundreds of thousands of people are infected and thousands of people are lost all over the world, we see that all approaches of modern life are helpless. It is an absolute fact that we will see the social and economic effects at the end of this epidemic. We are also watching with regret that the fact that the Covid-19 outbreak can infect every human being, without making a socio-economic distinction, has led to an enormous concern that all modern societies have not shown to tragedies that have been experienced in less developed land pieces for years. ”


Emphasizing that human health is more important than anything, Aslan emphasized that they took precautions as an association in the light of the latest developments; “We have been sensitive about this issue and suspended the physical activities of our association two weeks ago and allowed our administrative staff to work from home. In this direction, we realized another first, even if it was compulsory. ” Aslan, noting that all meetings are carried to the digital platform and held the first meeting of the board of directors with video on Monday, noting that all the information meetings that will be held for the members until the end of the difficult process will be held on the same system, “We have carried all the association meetings to digital media. . We will hold the first digital commission meeting next week. We will hold our first digital seminar in April. We carried out our first task by moving our meetings and associations to digital media and by providing our employees with the opportunity to work remotely. In this way, we aim to protect the health of our association members and employees. ”


Stating that they closely monitor the possible sectoral, commercial and economic risks that their members will experience and that they have created a crisis desk within the scope of the support study. EGİAD President Aslan said, “We are aware of our duties and responsibilities towards our members. This uncertainty, from today, in order to overcome the commercial and economic risks that are likely to occur due to high health risks and consequences, to be with them, to support all stakeholders, especially the health sector, due to this process. EGİAD The Board of Directors and Administrative Staff “EGİAD CRISIS TABLE ”. First of all, the next priority duty of my board members and administrative staff is to be with our members in this process. In these difficult days, when we cannot come together physically, we have to engage until the end of our physical separation. Only then can we leave behind these difficult days with less damage, with increased awareness. As a requirement of this honorable duty, we are personally involved in this crisis desk as the board of directors, adhering to the statement “Being a volunteer is not acting in your heart”.


  • To follow the state and financial supports updated regularly due to the crisis,
  • Lobbying activities of incentives and supports to alleviate sectoral losses in the crisis based on the feedback from our members,
  • To bring the troubles of our members with individual demands to the agenda,
  • Organizing aid campaigns to support external stakeholders
  • At the end of this process, trying to create a member and external stakeholder profile that has increased awareness as much as possible,

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