Gaziantep Air Transportation Difficulties Not Fit the City

gaziantep air transportation troubles in the city do not fit
gaziantep air transportation troubles in the city do not fit

Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce Chairman Tuncay Yildirim Gaziantep air transportation problems in a city like Gaziantep, saying that it does not suit, invited the authorities to take action to solve.

In a written statement made by President Yildirim expressed as follows: "Turkey's economy is one of the leading cities of Veterans city. When tourism mobility, university population and health tourism potential are considered in recent years, air transportation is a loss of both money and reputation for our city.

Reducing the number of voyages in summer and canceling voyages under the slightest adverse weather conditions in winter does not suit our country, which has the largest airport in the world, or our city, one of the most popular production centers of the world. This situation, which we have expressed with time, has reached the last stage. Authorities are now required to take the initiative to provide the technical equipment needed by Gaziantep Airport.

We cannot accept that CAT II-ILS system has not been installed at the airport of a city with high potential in the field of tourism, like Gaziantep, where trade cancellation takes place in Şanlıurfa, our neighboring city, which exports under many floors of our city.

Reducing the number of trips in Gaziantep airport in summer and inadequate technical equipment in winter became unacceptable. We demand that the problem be solved immediately so that our city does not lose more money and reputation.

Günceleme: 31/12/2019 11:31

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