Sivas If There Will Be TUDEMSAS

If there are tudemsas sivas will exist
If there are tudemsas sivas will exist

Abdullah Peker, President of the Union of Transport and Railway Employees, means the merger of TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞ, and shrinking down the three institutions.

As in 2019, reducing the budget appropriation for 2020 reveals what their real intention is.


Stating that the abandonment of the merger will be reflected on the efficiency and efficiency of the State Economic Institutions, the liberalization of TCDD will be delayed to the target of 2020 by extending the planned period until 2023, the directing of the wagons to be brought abroad from Europe, and the development of Wagon Factories. The merger of the three institutions (TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ) in the annual program of the Presidency of 2020 may result in problems such as restricting investments and slowing down the works, and when the appropriation is increased, the workability of these institutions will increase. It should be brought to the level that will contribute to our national economy by increasing production in companies affiliated with Public Economic Institutions. Our union is concerned that the merger project would mean the Completion of TÜDEMSAŞ.

The date of gathering under one roof is 2020 and I inform all our employees that we will start working in Ankara next week to extend this date 2023. TÜDEMSAŞ is currently pouring 10 million TL of hot money into the local and national markets. When the merger project is realized, our opinion will not be even 10 percent of this amount. We think that this will be the biggest evil done to Sivas ”.

Transport and Railway Workers Trade Union President Abdullah Peker, Turkey Wagon Industry Co., Turkey will be the locomotive industry Inc. and Turkey Railway Machines to dispense immediately by joining the project under one roof Industry Co. Directorate of institutions and in favor of the province where he said. Here I am calling to Sivas MPs please follow the topic.

If TÜDEMSAŞ exists, Sivas will exist, if TÜLOMSAŞ exists, Eskişehir will exist, if TÜVASAŞ exists, Adapazarı will exist.



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