Corlu Train Crash Key Question Ballast Wear How?

Corlu train crash key question how ballast was worn
Corlu train crash key question how ballast was worn

Key Question in Çorlu Train Crash How Was Ballast Worn?; The third round hearing of the lawsuit filed against the 7 defendants regarding the train accident in Çorlu, in which 25 people, including 4 children, died, will be held on 10 December. The families of the victims, who are expected to form a committee for the new expert report, are in the lawsuit that has been going on for 1.5 years under the name of 'TCDD Senior Management'. kazanIt is preparing to file a petition with the prosecutor's office demanding the expansion of the investigation into the ballast.

Newspaper WallAccording to Serkan Alan; 25 300 The third round hearing of the case opened in Çorlu regarding the train accident in which 10 was killed and 1 was killed in Çorlu 1.5 Heavy Penal Court in December. However, the 5 investigation, which included the “Top Management of TCDD için in order to reveal the negligence of the ballast layer in the train disaster, did not show any improvement in the year. XNUMX will go to the Corlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office on Thursday and submit the petitions to the prosecutor's office requesting an extension of the investigation.


Following the train accident, the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office initiated an investigation against politicians, bureaucrats and persons in the top management of the TCDD on the grounds that “causing death and injury by negligence olmadı was not a place for prosecution. In the investigation conducted to cover the CD Top Management of TCDD adına in order to reveal the negligence that caused the ballast layer erosion, the remaining 1.5 could not be improved in the year. Sevgi Evren, the complainant's lawyer, replied to our question: “On the one hand, are there any drawbacks to conducting another investigation into the same incident while the trial continues?:

Adan Rather than the inconvenience, this is the appearance of an impunity policy. Turkey is experiencing in this way in the judicial system. If you want to protect someone, you can mute the file about it. You parse it, pretend you're investigating, and then shut it down with no pursuit. They wanted to do it all over again, but they couldn't. Because families started a vigil in front of the courthouse and said, 'We will fight until the facts are revealed and the responsible ones emerge.' This serialization file couldn't be closed for a year and a half. While the prosecution is trying to investigate from the surface, we say that we need to look at these points and people. occupational accidents in Turkey, omissions, dorms fires, Soma and what happened in Çorlu a result of efforts to bring this file to the impunity. "


Victim's lawyers at second round hearing kazanHe objected to the expert report prepared at the request of the prosecutor's office and demanded the preparation of a new report. In addition to the report prepared by Mustafa Karaşahin and Sıddık Yarman, who entered the indictment and had direct business relations with TCDD, the court board decided to prepare a new report, and after the second hearing, wrote a warrant to the universities and demanded the name of an expert.

The lawyer Sevim Evren stated that the court had written a limited number of fields to the universities including Sakarya University, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Eskişehir Osmangazi University.

Among the names that will come to the court from universities, a team to be determined by the court committee will prepare the report and after it is accepted in the third hearing, this committee will kazanStating that he would go to the place where the crime took place and make a discovery, Evren said, “The court requested a list of names from the universities. Now the court will appoint itself from this list of names. If we find this committee insufficient, we will demand that new experts be included in this committee. This will be determined in the third round of hearings. In this session, we formed a committee with maximum quality, maximum impartiality and will consider this issue as a public issue, kazanIt is expected that a decision will be made to make a discovery in the place where the incident took place," he said.


Evren explained the reason why an academician working at ITU did not work as an expert:

“A teacher from ITU, kazanHe stated that he took part in the project in which the university took place and rejected the expert's suggestion of the university. This is a good thing. We have a criminal complaint against other experts. The member of the board of directors of the company, which received the signaling tender of that railway, was appointed as an expert at the prosecution stage. An expert witness cannot be made in this way. It is very important that a professor from ITU rejects this at the risk. This is an indication that our demands are more or less heard.”


In the interim decision of the second round hearing, the court set 4 as the witness of the 3 person who was tried without arrest and decided to take their statements in the courthouses close to the places where they were ordered. Victims' lawyers said the defendants should be accused of taking statements from the court in the third round of the third round of the hearing is expected to be decided. Victim lawyers, the three identified as witnesses in addition to the high-level people in the court room and ask questions to be brought.

On the other hand, the complainants who have not yet made a statement, kazanHe will tell the court committee at the third round hearing on 10 December about what he experienced on the day of the incident and afterwards.


At the third round hearing, a request from the victim's lawyers will be for the 4 defendant's detention on trial. TCDD 3 Regional Directorate of the persons who were punished between 2 years and 15 years on the charge of “causing death and injury by negligence” Halkalı Turgut Kurt served as Railway Maintenance Manager at 14's Railway Maintenance Directorate. Çerkezköy Özkan Polat, Road Maintenance and Repair Chief at the Road Maintenance Directorate and Çetin Yıldırım, the Chief of Bridges at TCDD, did not accept the demands of the lawyers who requested the arrest at the second round hearing. The lawyers did not demand the arrest of Celaleddin Çabuk, the line maintenance and repair worker at the Road Maintenance Chief, another defendant.

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