Turkey to Make Coal Purchase Contract Engineer

turkey coal contract will be engineers scholar
turkey coal contract will be engineers scholar

Turkey Coal Decree Law No. 399 subject to contractual status in recruiting engineers doing. According to the results of the written and oral exam, the quota and qualifications of the engineer personnel to be employed are stated in the advertisement. Applications will begin after the announcement is published in the official newspaper and will continue until the end of 13 December 2019 working hours. TTK is one of the requirements sought in contract engineer candidates; 2018 year KPSS KPSSP3 score type to get at least 70 (Seventy) points.

Turkey Coal Institution 34 mining engineer, a mechanical engineer and xnumx's announced the total contract staff will be taking 6 5 electrical engineer. Written and verbal 45 stage will be held according to the exam will be made for the recruitment of engineers will be written exam Bülent Ecevit University 2 / 12 / 01 Time: 2020: 10'da will be held.

turkey coal contract will be engineers scholar


1- Exam applications will begin on the day following the publication of the exam announcement in the Official Gazette and will end at the end of 13.12.2019 date (17.00).

2- Provided that the candidates who wish to take the entrance exam meet the above mentioned conditions; "Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises General Directorate of Plateau neighborhood Vineyards Street Ihsan Soyak Sokak No: 2 Zonguldak / TURKEY" or from our General Directorate from the internet address (http://www.taskomuru.gov.t is) they will provide "Application Form" complete and correct fill in the form.

3- The printout of the Application Form signed by the applicant and the other documents required for the application must be submitted to the above-mentioned address in person or by mail until the end of 13.12.2019 working hours (17.00).

4- Applications not submitted to the General Directorate within the period due to delays in the mail or other reasons and those who do not meet the conditions stated in the announcement shall not be processed.

5- The documents must be submitted to the General Directorate of Turkish Commercial Code until the deadline specified. These documents may be approved by the Personnel Department of the General Directorate, provided that the original documents are submitted.


Candidates wishing to take the Entrance Exam will have the following conditions as of the deadline of 13 / 12 / 2019:

1- To carry the general conditions stated in article 399 of the Decree Law 7,

2- Graduates of Mining, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering departments of faculties or higher education institutions whose equivalence is approved by Higher Education Council as of the deadline,

3- As a result of Public Personnel Selection Exam of 2018 year, at least 3 (Seventy) points from KPSSP70 score type are required.

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