Istanbul Earthquake Platform

Istanbul earthquake platform is being established
Istanbul earthquake platform is being established

Istanbul Earthquake Platform is being established; At the Earthquake Workshop organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, important decisions were made for Istanbul. 'Earthquake safety of buildings, urban transformation, the establishment of disaster centers in districts, state units work in coordination' recommendations came to the fore. IMM Deputy Secretary General Mehmet Çakılcıoğlu stated that the Istanbul Earthquake Platform will be established in order to conduct earthquake studies more participatory, transparent and above the politics.

The Earthquake Workshop organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on December 2-3 in Istanbul Congress Center ended with an evaluation session where problems and solution projects were discussed. During the two-day workshop, the possible earthquake in Istanbul was evaluated extensively.


600, which consists of national and international academics, sector stakeholders, foundations, associations and NGO representatives, has been interested in 'solution tables' where the participants shared their ideas.

The tables discussed six thematic titles announced in the 'Sendai Framework Plan', which the United Nations Center for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) also takes into account. At the discussion tables, assessments were made on fifty topics such as earthquake mechanism, physical damage, urban transformation, social damage, historical and cultural heritage, NGOs and volunteers, and emergency coordination.

In the workshop, within the framework of building safe and sound buildings, a consensus was reached to accelerate the urban transformation and to have the authority for the transformation in IMM. Experts, Urban Transformation Inc. by IMM. establishment of the proposal.

Another suggestion of the workshop was the establishment of an emergency management system at the level of district municipalities. Experts pointed out the necessity of co-ordination between all units of the state.


The closing and evaluation speech made by the Deputy Secretary General of IMM. Mehmet Çakılcıoğlu, said the workshop was very productive. Çakılcıoğlu said that such works should be sustainable in order to be truly productive. We want to involve all stakeholders in Istanbul in a transparent and participatory way. Our President, Mr. This is our first activity in line with the earthquake mobilization plan initiated by Ekrem İmamoğlu. This will continue. In the first article of the earthquake mobilization plan, we will address the urban transformation with a disaster focus. In addition, we will complete the work on the issues of assembly and housing, which are the subject of discussion. We will focus on training activities. We will provide awareness trainings to volunteers starting from the IMM staff.

We are thinking of a different formation with the energy we have gained for these two days. We plan to build an earthquake platform. We think of a supra-political, transparent and participatory organization that will include many governmental institutions, NGOs, universities and the private sector. ”


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department of Urban Risk Management and Urban Improvement, Tayfun Kahraman, who made evaluations to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality website about Istanbul Earthquake Workshop, gave the following information:
“The aim of the Istanbul earthquake workshop was to get new suggestions from the representatives of the institutions, non-governmental organizations and universities following the current studies and to have them test our own roadmap. Through this workshop, we discussed in detail the problems, solutions and projects related to the Istanbul earthquake. At the end of the day, our main problematic and related projects emerged. As IMM, we expected all participants to produce concrete and viable projects that we could benefit from. Every table worked with this precision. ”

IMM Urban Transformation Manager Kemal Duran stated that they completed the workshop with the participation of a very wide stakeholder and that they took this workshop beyond a 'fault line discussion' and transformed it into a platform where solutions for the preparation of earthquake earthquake were discussed.

All project and solution proposals developed in Istanbul Earthquake Workshop will be reported by IMM and shared with relevant stakeholders and the public.

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