Leakage Level Crossings Causing Accidents on Railway Roads

level crossings on railway tracks cause accidents
level crossings on railway tracks cause accidents

BTS Diyarbakır Branch President Nusret Basmacı said that there was a train accident every month due to illegal level crossings and that the authorities should take precautions as soon as possible.

United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Diyarbakir Branch President Nusret Basmaci, Batman Diyarbakir train flights between the level of illegal crossing every month, said 4-5 train accident, the authorities should take action as soon as possible, he added.

BTS Diyarbakır Branch President Nusret Basmacı on the accidents UniversalHe spoke to Toygar Kaya. While security measures with barriers determined by the railways are taken for the passage of vehicles in residential areas on train services between Batman and Diyarbakır, serious accidents occur especially in illegal crossings created by the citizens themselves.


Basmacı said that he opened passageways on the railways for the needs of the people arising from the development of cities and said, ela For example, the shopkeepers are coming to the shop to keep them busy. The train crash in Batman last week, although the road is high, the people there staircase. In this way, it passes through ”, said that railways close these passages, but for permanent solutions, governorships and municipalities should take precautions as soon as possible.


Stating that there is a monthly 4-5 train accident in Batman, Basmacı said,, There are train accidents that result in death. A lot of people, both material and spiritual, are victims. Something painful. Normally, a train needs to go in the city with 70, but there is no way to prevent these accidents, even though the mechanics 20-25 go there quickly. We, as BTS, have been voicing for years, but unfortunately, the authorities who are supposed to take steps are acting very hard, which hurts people's lives and property. ”

Basmacı pointed out that one hundred thousand passengers were transported monthly during the train journeys between Diyarbakır and Batman and it was difficult to find tickets. Our roads are suitable for operating these high speed trains ”.



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