Pedestrian Safety Before School

pedestrian safety before school
pedestrian safety before school

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many transportation projects for citizens to travel more easily, cares about the safety of pedestrians within the traffic flow. In particular, before the start of the new education and training period, the Department of Transportation and Traffic Management carried out repairs and renovations in pedestrian crossings, traffic signs and signaling systems used by students and citizens in front of the school. Throughout the summer, the safety of pedestrians has been prioritized through the studies conducted in many school districts of Kocaeli.

Y Pedestrian First ”Floor Signs

In the summer months, Metropolitan Municipality teams working continuously, ”Pedestrian First” floor signs and symbols were renewed especially for the security of students' entrance and exit. Three-dimensional pedestrian crossings are also made in the work of the pedestrian crossing and approaching the school district that signifies the maintenance and repair of traffic signs. Teams are also able to fully renovate according to the condition of the pedestrian crossing and traffic signs. Within the scope of the studies, maintenance of signaling systems in the school districts where there is heavy vehicle traffic is also performed. With the studies carried out, it is provided to slow down by drawing attention to the fact that the vehicles approach the school and pedestrian crossing.


With the pedestrian crossing and traffic sign study carried out by the Department of Transportation and Traffic Management, it is emphasized that the right of first access to vehicles belongs to pedestrians. With the efforts made by the teams of Metropolitan Municipality, the security of students and citizens has been increased before the first week of 2019 - 2020 Education Period. Pedestrian crossing and traffic plate renewal manufacturing work is done routinely throughout the year in front of schools, hospitals and other service institutions.


It is of great importance that pedestrians can walk safely on their routes as well as providing safe transportation of vehicles within the traffic flow. In this context, 2019 was declared tarafından Year of Pedestrian Priority Traffic tarafından by the Ministry of Interior. In this context, there was an increase in penalties for drivers who did not give priority to pedestrians.

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