Direct Transfer from Gölcük to İzmit

From Golcuk to Izmite
From Golcuk to Izmite

710 and 710S flights that provide direct transportation service for citizens by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality make 61 kilometers between Izmit and Golcuk. The lines that serve as bridges facilitate the transportation between the two districts. The 66 and 710S flights are used by the local people.

One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, TransportationPark A.Ş. 710 and 710S flights are operated by Sarayli, Şirinköy, Kocaeli University Vocational High School students and citizens residing in permanent residences. The citizens of Gölcüklü who can reach Izmit directly by these buses, told the authorities that they were very pleased with this bus; the service is in place.

Transportation With the 710 line and the 710S line, which provides direct transportation to Gölcük, one of the districts where the Park provides services, the citizens are very pleased with the fastest access to İzmit. TransportationPark since the establishment of the bus that provides services to the region, citizens go to the place they want to go just in time. Citizens arriving to Izmit by 2 transfer before the lines are established provide transportation to Izmit by single bus with line 710 and 710S flights.

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