IMM 'Imamoglu Metrobus Stopped Masjid Station' News Denies

ibb imamoglu denies the news of the masjid closed
ibb imamoglu denies the news of the masjid closed

IMM 'Imamoglu Metrobus Stopped the Masjid Stop' News Lied. 19 September 2019 does not reflect the news published in some media with the title 'IMM has closed the Masjid at Uzunçayır Metrobus stop'.

Subject to the news Kadıköy The mosque at Uzunçayır metrobus stop is kept open during prayer hours. The mosque, which is opened during the morning prayer time, is closed only when the time is up, and then it is open until 22.00:3 from the midday prayer. This practice has been going on for XNUMX years in the same way.

Because the masjids are sometimes wanted to be used out of purpose, especially drug addicts, security guards and citizens are experiencing difficulties. This is also the reason why the mosques are closed outside the time.

In addition, for other citizens who want to pray outside of time, the other mosque is always open. The staff is assisted upon request.

The purpose of the establishment of the masjids in question is to enable the citizens to worship. The service continues with the suitability for the intended use. The implementation has been carried out as above. There is no new application.

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