Cycling Boiler By Taking Photo Of The Sunday

gulumse bike boiler
gulumse bike boiler

3 people who share the most interaction with the #AnkaraMobility and #MobilityWeek tags and share themed activity week will get their bikes before the Haluk Levent concert.

Bike Photography Contest

▪Each participant 22 can participate in the competition by tagging a photo of themed events of European Mobility Week on September 2019: 10.00 - 17.00 on Twitter with the #AnkaraMobility and #MobilityWeek hashtags.


▪ 22 September 2019 On Sunday, 17.00 users who receive the most interaction between 19.00 and 3 on TWITTER will be given a bicycle gift.

▪ The other 3 user with the most interaction in the ranking will be in the backup list.

▪ Bicycles will be delivered on stage before the Haluk Levent concert which will be held at Anıtpark at 22 September 2019.

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