Target in GUHEM 23 April

target april
target april

'Turkey's space-themed first training area with' Gökmen Aerospace Aviation Training Center (GUHE I) Metropolitan Mayor found in the investigation Alinur Aktas, will cost about 200 million facility 23 said they plan to open service in April.

Under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality, supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and coordinated by TUBITAK, the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) project, the GUHEM project counts the days to receive visitors. Beside Bursa Science and Technology Center, GUHEM, which has been designed on an area of ​​13 thousand 500 square meters, will be among the biggest 5 facility in Europe and the world when it is completed. The opening of the center, 'President Erdogan is expected to participate in the ceremony' 23 will be held in April immediately after the closing of Sience Expo.

Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, came to GUHEM with İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTSO. BTSO Vice President Cüneyt Şener and Board Member Alparslan Şenocak and Bursa Science and Technology Center (Bursa BTM) Coordinator Fehim Ferik accompanied the visit, the current status of the project was evaluated, the next process was determined.

Clock-like system

Mayor Alinur Aktas, now operates only when the guhem said would be an investment in Turkey is not recognized in the world. Mayor Aktaş emphasized that it would be wrong to define the center as a pure space and aviation area, and that the project will become one of the most important tourism values ​​of the city in the following days. Ak Bursa Aviation Academy was also established within the building. The existence of our children who have interest and vision in this business is a great power for us. I think we will provide significant added value for the development of high technology and aviation. The dream of the flight, the children's gallery, the anatomy of the flight, lightweight airborne test devices, heavy airborne test devices, rocket, space floor mechanism areas and Bursa Aviation Academy, this place will hopefully have a functioning system, ”he said. Mayor Aktaş stated that Bursa, which has a well-deserved reputation in many fields with its exports in excess of USD billion, its performance in the industrial zones, automotive and textile sectors, and 15, needs new visions and ventures. In general, we have set 21 April as the opening target, as it addresses children and young people in general. 23-20 is the Sience Expo between April. We are planning an opening here again at the closing of Sience Expo. We would like to start this special project with our President. Bursa and the country's economy is already auspicious get better, ”he said. President Aktaş thanked the TÜBİTAK authorities for their support in the implementation of GUHEM.

The best in Europe

BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay the 'Turkey is the world's first 10 projected in the direction of entering the destination to the economy''s aerospace center of 2014 years, said he was one of the most important investments they have followed since. During the planning phase triggering what they imagine to be a space agency established in Turkey, Burkay said that they greatly appreciated the fact that it took place, "As you know, recently, Turkey has inscribed his name among countries establishing the space agency. Through GUHEM, we want to contribute to the sustainable development of our country by creating a structure in which new generation technologies are put into use both in production and export. We have partners from many parts of the world. Smithsonian, the aviation museum in Washington, is among our stakeholders. In addition, the Canadian firm shaped the entire interior design. I hope this work will be the best in Europe when it is completed and will be among the first 5 in the world..

BTSO Chairman Burkay, GUHEM 'richness of content as well as' Bursa has an architecture that will contribute to the identity of the city, he added. That reflect the identity of their cities to this type of structure in the world, Burkay said guhem is also this sense of identification with Bursa, "Both the architecture and the technical, Turkey will be the most important place it is this shaping the future. I would like to thank all of our stakeholders, especially Mr. President, for supporting us in such a vision project. Land

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