Rejuvenated Fleet Comfortable Transportation! .. Burulaş 12 Meter 25 New Bus

genclesen fleet received new bus with comfortable transport burulas meters
genclesen fleet received new bus with comfortable transport burulas meters

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality transportation company Burulaş added 26 microbus and 50 bus to the fleet this year.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches importance to improving the quality of public transportation vehicles as well as physical investments such as junction arrangement and lane widening within the scope of emergency action plan to produce rooted solutions to transportation, which is the most fundamental problem of Bursa, also strengthens its vehicle fleet with new vehicles. Considering that the transportation problem will be solved with the expansion of the culture of public transportation besides physical investments, the Metropolitan Municipality added 26 microbus and 50 airconditioned and disability-accessible buses integrated into the system last year and now 12 meter new 25 bus has been added to the system. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who spoke at the ceremony held in Burulaş because of the participation of new vehicles in the fleet, reminded that the number of vehicles in the fleet together with the new vehicles has increased to 424.

Culture of public transportation

While the public transportation fleet is expanding on the one hand, Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who stated that the employment of 25 with the newly purchased 50 vehicle is also provided, “We are striving to transport the citizens from their homes to their jobs in the most comfortable way. Signalization optimization works that will increase 60 capacity in Bursaray are continuing rapidly. I hope we will have an increase next year automatically. Regarding public transportation in the city; Before the opening of schools, we have added our low-floor, air-conditioned and disabled ramped 25 bus to our Burulaş fleet. Our new bus investment will increase our daily number. Especially, we will provide relaxation in Bursa City Hospital and the lines where there is density. We added 25 12 meters to our fleet and increased the number of 399 vehicles to 424. In addition, our 50 driver friend joined our team. With our new transportation investments, we will handle the transportation of Bursa and we will experience this pleasure as the citizens of Bursa. We have a desire to accustom Bursalis to the culture of public transportation and to make public transportation addictive. ”

President Aktaş, after the speech of one of the new vehicles to the steering wheel, the first ride in a closed area made the traffic itself.

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