Izmir in Turkey Period China Relations

The period in Izmir turkey gin relationship
The period in Izmir turkey gin relationship

88. Izmir International Fair Izmir International Business Days within the scope of the second day of the "Turkey-China Business Forum" was held. Speaking at the opening of the forum where the letter of goodwill was signed between the cities of Izmir and Chengdu, Mayor Soyer said: “The bridges and trade agreements we will establish between China and Izmir will once again connect Izmir to Asia and China to Mediterranean. Er

International Izmir Turkey-China Business Days conference on the second day of the Business Forum was held. "One Belt One Road Modern Silk Road Project", the image of China and Turkey, institutions and local municipalities planning of cooperation between organized under headings such forum was attended by senior officials from both countries.

Republic of Turkey, Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer's hosted the event program at the China International Trade Promotion Council (CCPIT) Vice Chairman Zhang Shenfeng, China Ambassador Deng Li, Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey-China Business Council President Murat KOLBASI Communist Party of the People's Republic of China, Chengdu Municipality Party Secretary Fan Ruiping and CCPIT Shanghai Vice President Cao Jinxi took part.

The fair will contribute to the development of relations

The global economy is remarkable in emphasizing the development of multi-faceted Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, Izmir International Fair in Turkey and said it would offer a new breath relations and contribute to China. Stating that the 5 thousand years of history between the two countries should be transferred to economic cooperation, Pekcan said, “China participated in the IEF with 61 company from nine different states. We've had fruitful talks for two days. We know that we will get positive feedbacks from here ”.

We will build bridges between China and Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer China and Turkey, noting that the world has given direction to the history of two great civilizations represents, "These two regions, not only those living on their own, has determined the fate of the whole world. Many innovations that determine the lives of the world's people today and shape humanity were born in these two countries ”.

Soyer emphasized that trade is the most important element that connects and unites these two seemingly distant geographies. “China and Izmir have been connected to each other for hundreds of years through trade routes from Asia and the port of Izmir. We are meeting here today to revive our common past once again. The bridges and trade agreements we will establish between China and Izmir will once again connect Izmir to Asia and China to the Mediterranean. Ekonom One Generation One Way ”project initiated by China, one of the most influential projects of the present century, will revive the economy of Izmir and all the cities and countries involved in this network through the roads that will be built in Europe and Asia. Avrupa

İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer emphasized that the fact that the People's Republic of China is a partner country in İzmir International Fair is of great value for İzmir and said, imiz Our goal is to create a K One Generation One Way proj project of the People's Republic of China; To continue to be the gateway of the East to the West. I believe with all my heart that this meeting is extremely important for us to achieve this goal..

Izmir and Chengdu sign a letter of goodwill

During the forum, a letter of goodwill was also signed between Izmir and Chengdu, China. Thus, the two cities took the first step to cooperate in tourism, urban infrastructure, tourism, fairs and cultural organizations, economic and commercial promotion.

Li Chenggang: Infrastructure works continue

Mainland Chinese Deputy Trade Minister Li Chenggang said that the intensification of mutual visits between China and Turkey "official visit in Turkey with more balanced trade between the two countries, and we have agreed on the development of economic relations. We have cooperation on infrastructure facilities. infrastructure facilities in Turkey, Chinese companies reached $ 15 billion. Investment cooperation has gained significant momentum. Chinese companies have invested billion dollars 2 780 million in Turkey. 2018, Turkey was the year in China. 400 thousand tourists came to Turkey, "he said.

Olpak: We want support to do more business

Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) Chairman Nail Olpak said that they expect support from governments to increase trade volume and do more business. China has made the world 2 thousand trillion dollars in imports from Turkey amounted Olpak indicating the share could take 1,5, "We do not deserve it. We expect China to improve their existing investments in Turkey. We want to increase the cooperation in tourism. This is necessary not only in terms of income but also to get to know each other more. We need to strengthen relationships from gastronomy to guidance services. Direct flights between China and Izmir will contribute to this process. ”

Shenfeng: 400 thousand Chinese arrived in Turkey

China International Trade Promotion Council (CCPIT) Vice Chairman Zhang also said that China Shenfeng dating back to ancient times and today the friendship between Turkey took over the ancient Silk Road. Especially recently stated that the trade volume exceeded $ 100 million in Turkey Shenfeng Chinese companies, "The number of Chinese visiting Turkey exceeded 400 thousand. Turkey left their mark on the beauty of the Chinese. While there is a complex environment in the world, all trade indices in China are in a sensible range. Reform in China continues. The two countries have complementary advantages. Binary trade is increasing..

Agreements on the table

Immediately after the forum, Turkey and the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce of the two countries, especially cooperation between institutions and organizations, long-distance friendship, goodwill, technology and trade agreements were signed. In addition, the first Chinese bank started its operations in Turkey, China Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC) Turkey representative, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) and the signing ceremony of cooperation and trade agreement between Sichuan Airlines took place.

One Generation One Way - Modern Silk Road Project

Silk studies conducted in Turkey for many years on the revitalization of the way, spearheaded by China, "Belt and Road" called "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21. Century Sea Silk Road ”initiatives. China's "Belt and Road" initiative, which supports Turkey, the G-2015 20 years had opened its arms to this breakthrough with the cooperation agreement signed with the Istanbul Summit in China. Within the framework of this cooperation, a legal basis has been established for the establishment of close cooperation in the field of transport networks, including mainly highways, railways and ports. In this context, İzmir, which has a strategic importance with its geopolitical position, will also make significant contributions to the Modern Silk Road Project, which is one of the most important breakthroughs of the 21 century with its International Business Days Meetings.

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