AŞTİ's First Digging Shot in Bağlıca Ring Road Connection

asti baglica hit the first digging link in the way of the way
asti baglica hit the first digging link in the way of the way

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues the renewal of the roads, bridges, overpasses and asphalts on all sides of the Capital.

North-South, East-West axis of the new alternative road connections to the weight of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams, connecting the Bağlıca to the Environment Motorway began to work on a brand new boulevard.


An underpass on the total 3 lane road, 3 connecting arm and 6 clover arm will be built on the 4 departure-2 arrival, which is under construction for the relief of the capital traffic.

Bağlıca Boulevard will be connected with the Environmental Motorway through the connection road which will enable the citizens living in Bağlıca area to reach their city journeys without entering the central traffic.

AŞTİ, Sabancı Boulevard, 15 July Martyrs' Boulevard and Bağlıca Boulevard connects the new road and intersection work that provide information about the officials of the Department of Science Affairs, arı construction of the road will be made at a junction to the bus station will be connected to. So they will serve as an alternative way for bus exits. Böylece

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