Complete preparations for European Mobility Week in Ankara

complete preparations for european mobility week in ankara
complete preparations for european mobility week in ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has completed its preparations for the “European Mobility Week her which takes place between September and September each year, which encourages cities and municipalities to take and support sustainable transportation measures.

Due to the “European Mobility Week acak which will be celebrated in cooperation with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Delegation of the European Union, the Capital will also host various events.

European Mobility Week in Ankara will end with a concert by famous artist Haluk Levent at the Memorial Park on 22 September Sunday.


EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş stated that he will support the European Mobility Week activities for the first time this year together with all institutions of the Metropolitan Municipality and invited all citizens to participate in this special day.

Giving information about the events and events to be held in the capital for a week, Alkas said:

“European Movement Week is being conducted by the European Parliament since 2002. A campaign aimed at influencing and improving mobility and urban living space, in particular improving public health and quality of life. In this context, it is aimed to improve transportation planning and public transportation system of municipalities and to increase bicycle and pedestrian paths. In this way, citizens are encouraged to travel by alternative means of transportation instead of individual means. ”


Emphasizing that the European Mobility Week will be celebrated at 48 thousand 2 points in 216 country this year, Alkaş pointed out that the aim of the event, which will be held with the theme of el Let's Walk Together olduğ, is to encourage people to economic, healthy, cycling and public transportation.

In the scope of the European Mobility Week, Alkaş explained the activities to be done for the restriction of motorized traffic and the use of sustainable transportation activities of bicycles and pedestrians.

Çeşitli Various activities will be organized in our schools throughout the week. Information meetings on active living against obesity will be held. We will hold interviews on the importance of public transport. We will provide trainings on safe cycling at our universities. We have not forgotten our children, we are planning to give scooter riding activities and trainings about this. In this context, we will take our elderly people to Eymir Lake with EGO buses, make a walk about healthy life and make them an example for young people. ”


Following the activities prepared by the EGO General Directorate in line with the theme of the week, 22 will be held on September Sunday in Tunalı Hilmi Street and 7. Stating that Avenue will be closed to traffic, Alkaş said, X 22, the last day of the European Mobility Week, is in the garden between 10.00-19.00 hours in September. Street (Aşkaabat Street) and Tunalı Hilmi Street will be closed to vehicle traffic and will be celebrated as 'City Day without Cars'. On Sunday these streets will only be opened for cyclists and pedestrians. ”


Alkaş, General Manager of EGO, has a program full of concerts, street artists, bicycle repair shops, street cinemas, cycling trainings for adults, women and children, the slowest bike competition, yoga activity, modern dance and street theater events on Sunday. and prepared the following statements:

“The Great Ankara Tour will be the most important part of this event. 22 September 2019 On Sunday, 18.00 will host the Grand Ankara Tour, which will be attended by Ankara Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş, President of the European Union Delegation, Ambassador Christian Berger, ambassadors of EU member countries, NGOs, university rectors and citizens. The cortege, along with the cyclists at the front, departs from Tunalı Hilmi Street, Kennedy Street, Atatürk Boulevard, GMK Boulevard, Dögol Street, Marshal Fevzi Çakmak Street, Akdeniz Street, Kazakhstan Street and 54. Crossing the street through Aşkabaat Street will end at Anıtpark. We expect all cyclists and pedestrians to visit Ankara's biggest tour. After the Great Ankara Tour, our beloved artist Haluk Levent will give a concert to Başkent residents at 19.30 on Sunday. ”


22 September Great Ankara Tour, then President Yavaş'ın Capitalist, the transport reform will be good news about the Alkas, among the green, bicycle paths, a pedestrian priority is designed in Ankara, he said.

Stating that the photographs taken during the activities and concerts will be subject to the evaluation process, Alkaş stated that they will give bicycles to the three most beautiful photographers and said: ız Our citizens will follow the official accounts of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and EGO General Directorate and provide detailed information about this event. can obtain ed.

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