No Passage to Pollution in Mersin Sea

no pollution in myrtle sea
no pollution in myrtle sea

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality does not give passage to sea pollution. Greater Municipality of Environmental Protection and Control Department of Marine Services and Inspection Department to prevent marine pollution in order to prevent the ongoing ship inspection work is ongoing.

Greater number of ships that cause marine pollution with the work of metropolitan municipality teams experienced a reduction of 40 percent compared to last year. Within the scope of the 3 nautical mile within the responsibility area of ​​the metropolitan teams, pollution is prevented at sea thanks to the inspections carried out on ships carrying cargo between Tarsus-Erdemli coast and Mersin International Port.

Inspections carried out by marine pollution inspectors

Metropolitan has the authority to impose criminal proceedings against ships polluting the sea and has responsibility area up to 3 miles. If there is no notification during the day, at least 3 inspects the vessels carrying cargo within the port. Whether or not the ships cause any pollution at sea is carried out by marine pollution inspectors and ship personnel.

The samples taken by the marine pollution inspectors from the ships are sealed to the sample containers and then sent to the laboratory for analysis. Marine pollution inspectors also take clean sea water to prove that the sample water is dirty and send it to the laboratory with the sample. In this way, the samples taken from ships are compared with clean sea water. Thus, the damage caused by the ships to the sea is determined and concluded. Depending on the size of the ship and the pollution rate, the amount of criminal proceedings may vary.

12 million TL administrative sanction on total 14.5 ships

Within this scope, 2019 million administrative sanctions were applied to total 12 ships including 14.5 in September and 2019 inspection period was applied as of August of 174.

Social events and not far away from the controls and the public service outside the Metropolitan, Coast Guard officials search and rescue, accident, life support issues such as support. If any ships or terrestrial pollution polluting the sea are encountered outside their area of ​​responsibility, these images are transmitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and they are provided to take action.

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