Yildiz Mountain Ski Resort Will Serve 4 Seasons

yildiz mountain ski resort will serve the seasons
yildiz mountain ski resort will serve the seasons

📩 30/06/2019 22:23

Yildiz Mountain Ski Center 4 Season Will Serve: Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan, Yildiz Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center found the examinations. Yildiz Mountain Ski Center, Sivas, the road network that connects the investment program after the introduction of the Highways 16. Regional Directorate of Sivas-Karaçayır Ayhan examining the work carried out on the road, the authorities received information about the ongoing work.

Stating that the road construction works continue between Yıldız Mountain and Sivas, Governor Salih Ayhan said, “Last year the first 15 kilometer of the road was completed. This year, however, the 4 mileage will be built further. The standard width of the road will be 12 meters. Road, before the Eid al-Adha Karaçayır'a will be made up to traffic.

-Vali Ayhan played ball with children, visited Celtek Baba-

Yildiz Mountain on the way to visit the village attached to the Center Çeltek Governor Ayhan, the village played ball with children at the entrance. General Secretary of Special Provincial Administration, Deputy Governor Mehmet Nebi Kaya, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander İdris Tataroğlu, Highways 16. Regional Manager Aydoğan Aslan accompanied the football match, children's struggle while the scene of color images; Governor Ayhan gave children a book to read on holiday.

Visiting the tomb of Sheikh Mahmut Emirci (Çeltek Baba) in the village, Governor Salih Ayhan prayed to Çeltek Baba who realized the Islamization process in the region and thanked those who contributed to the construction of the tomb.

- Tokat will be connected to Yıldız Mountain-

After the visit to the village of Celtek Yildiz Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center Governor Ayhan, received information about the projects to be made. Governor Salih Ayhan, who also examined the road that will connect Tokat to Yıldız Mountain, found information from Road and Transportation Services Manager Burak Caner and instructed that the road be made as soon as possible.

Governor Ayhan said in a statement after the visit, Yildiz Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center has grown every year by putting on new investments, he said.

Governor Recep Tayyip Erdogan's instructions to make the connection between the Star Mountain Ski Center and Hot Cermik Governor Ayhan, "Regional Directorate of Highways and Sivas 16. Our Regional Directorate held the tender on Wednesday. Concrete steps continue to be taken. Tokat-Yıldız Mountain road will also be built. Tokat is our very important stakeholder. Our fellow countrymen from Tokat are mostly coming here. Hopefully, we will raise it this year. I

- 150 Bed Hotel is Planned to Yıldız Mountain-

Governor Salih Ayhan said that a new hotel with 150 beds was planned for Yıldız Mountain. Kamp Various camping sites will be built to use Yıldız Mountain for four seasons. We will use this place not only for winter tourism, but for 4 seasons. 5 has been serving Star Mountain for the season. Star Mountain, Turkey's youngest, most modern and most economical ski resort. Last season, 200 thousand citizens came here. We will hold international competitions here. We will train qualified ski athletes. After that, we will focus on the presentation. The brand value of Sivas Mountain Ski Resort will often mention the name. Söz

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