85 Percent of the Works on Gaziray Commuter Line Completed

Gaziray suburban line completed the percentage work
Gaziray suburban line completed the percentage work

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the scope of the protocol signed between the date of 22 May 2014 Gaziray Commuter Rail Project of the 85 percent of construction work has been completed.

The metropolitan municipality, which transforms the land train, which is the subject of the folk songs, into a high-speed train, is nearing the end of the Gaziray Suburban Line Project where the 25 station will be located. The 16 kilometer test drive between Seyrantepe-Göllüce-Taşlıca is carried out at Gaziray on March 5. 22 thousand employees working in the Organized Industrial Zone; The giant project with a budget of TL 2019 billion, which will carry it faster, safer and more comfortably, was evaluated as the vision project of Gazi city. 150 February The construction of Gaziray, which started in 1,2, will connect the city center, 13 organized industrial zones and Small Industrial Zone. In the investment to renew the existing 2017 kilometer suburban line, the physical realization was 6. Gaziray, about 25 kilometers to be taken underground part of the construction work will begin as soon as possible. The tender preparations for the purchase of wagons to be used in the line operation will be made in the coming days.

Gaziray's city route

Studies carried out within the framework of Gaziantep Transportation Master Plan (GUAP) revealed that the existing railway line passing through Gaziantep does not allow pedestrian and vehicle circulation in areas that are heavily used during urban crossing and creates a barrier effect in the region. For this reason, on the route, Culture Congress Center, Zeytinli Neighborhood, Mujahideen Budak Neighborhood, Hospitals-Hotels Zone crossings in order to ensure safe pedestrian and vehicle transportation, the 4 parallel line of the 5 parallel line will be placed under the open-close. In the project; 11 pieces will be made as artwork as overpass and underpass. After the last stop, Oduncular Station, 1 kilometers will be built on Gaziray Maintenance and Warehouse area which will have approximately 93 thousand square meters in Taşlıca area. In one set of wagons planned to be used in the project, total 1000 passengers will be transported and in the first place 8 set wagons will serve.

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