Mayor İmamoğlu: 'We will have work and recommendations on bridge traffic'

imamoglu brothers will be working on the traffic and recommendations
imamoglu brothers will be working on the traffic and recommendations

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu pointed out the traffic caused by the work carried out on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and said, konusunda Our work on how to solve this will be advised to the General Directorate of Highways. As of today, we have put it on our agenda as the urgent issue of Istanbul. ” Ekrem Imamoglu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), started his first shift today after taking office for the second time. Ekrem İmamoğlu, who shook hands with the employees on the first day of his shift, drew attention to the traffic caused by the work carried out on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in front of the cameras.

Imamoglu said, an As of the moment we took office, there was a traffic problem due to the repair and renovation works initiated at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. We'll have suggestions, advice on how to reinforce this and how to resolve it, and move on a few other issues, including maritime transport we'll mobilize. This will be one of the first issues. This work was initiated by both the 3 and the Ministry of Highways and Transport. We have some advice on the bridge and other crossings. As of today, we have put these on our agenda as the urgent subject of Istanbul. We will activate a process aimed at establishing a transparent connection with our citizens in order to inform all of our work and transactions to our citizens. We will be able to get feedback from our citizens, which we cannot see, which will make a great contribution to us..


“Of course, in the first 100 daily plan of our municipality, we will talk about the immediate commissioning of the planned work. Of course, we will have an action plan based on our policies that we will match with our staff and the existing staff. Our first thing in the morning is to sit down with our teams and talk about it. Ek Ekrem İmamoğlu continued his statement as follows;

Iz We will start an intensive work process. I hope there will be issues that we will come together and talk about in all matters concerning the people of Istanbul and our city. In addition to our corporate projects, you will see our action plan for the earthquake and our short and medium term actions. Another issue is the refugee issue that we have expressed everywhere. We will rapidly initiate business developments in the field of international policies for both the people of Istanbul and to produce very high level policies with our existing teams within the institution and other friends we will add from outside of the organization and to cooperate with the relevant institutions of our state. This really makes the events that are often mentioned and upset us in the field on the street. We will be a municipality that listens to the voice of our people. Of course, the earthquake is our top priority. ”


Ekrem İmamoğlu gave the following answer to the question: atama With the circular issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the authority to appoint is taken from the mayors and given to the municipal council and the court cancels the circular::

“This is not a very new issue. Every municipality now has a company, a subsidiary. A circular about the participation of all municipalities. Of course, Istanbul and Ankara are at the forefront. In Ankara, there is a decision in favor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. The very clear authority in the law is who. It is very clear that referring the authority of the mayor to the city council is unlawful. It is unnecessary for all municipalities to sue and repair the court proceedings. Obviously, we did not find the sent and received circular very meaningful. We will apply to the General Directorate of Local Authorities for this matter. We'il warn you. We'il look for our legal rights. Hopefully a return will be provided. I know that the law will help us get rid of it. I hope this problem is solved because we have a very high number of subsidiaries. Our subsidiaries cover the 3 of Istanbul's consolidated budget almost at 2. To be able to manage the IMM, to make services that touch the citizen, passes through these places. We will meet with the relevant institutions in order to eliminate this move as soon as possible. We will also make our legal initiatives. We have high hope that it will be amended quickly. ”


Imamoğlu stated that they will inform the citizens of all the works they will do and establish a transparent bond with the citizens of Istanbul and said: ız We will have the feedback that our citizens cannot contribute to us. I hope we have spent the first day of an 5 year together where we will put together good days and good services. As the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, I also care about communication with the press. I wish you to be a guide in the priorities of Istanbul. This is both my personal character and an attitude that I think should be corporate. Therefore, I wish that this cooperation will develop in every stage after this start day. ”


Imamoglu, "In recent days, some employees on social media has been dismissed" is another question: "If there is unfair dismissal, if it is not right if you are currently receiving a salary from the Metropolitan Municipality, so both issues will be examined, examined. In addition, within a half and a two-month period there are some hiring reports about us. Through the subsidiaries, we will investigate this issue further. Is it fair? What kind of practice has been put forward about recruitment, exams, interviews, what kind of examination, what kind of questions have been eliminated? We'il look at all of them. We are sensitive about these issues because we have promised to be fair and act according to merit. We'il never take anybody with a torpedo. I don't care if it's my party, it's somebody else's party. In order to bring justice and merit to this institution, you will see our sensitivity on this issue with the transparency method. We will serve in front of you. Indeed, if we do not overcome this unfair feeling in society, labor, employment, our chances of achieving social peace are very difficult. In order to completely eliminate this sense of injustice, we will really provide a lot of merit and justice in this field. I have instructed my friends not to give up these principles until the end. We will correct some of the works and transactions by making these inquiries. Cevap

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