Aydın-Denizli Motorway Tender Approved

aydin denizli motorway tender approved
aydin denizli motorway tender approved

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan, Izmir-Aydin Motorway and the continuation of the `` from Izmir to Antalya to provide uninterrupted transportation of the second stage of the 154 kilometer length of the Aydın-Denizli Motorway tender was approved of the result reported.

Minister Turhan, said in a statement, as of today, the Aydin-Denizli Highway in the country said they took a big step towards the acquisition.

The tender was held in 154 March with Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model for the Aydın-Denizli Motorway, which is the second stage of the 26 kilometer long motorway, which is located on the continuation of the İzmir-Aydın Motorway, which will be open to service and will provide uninterrupted transportation from İzmir to Antalya. reminiscent of Turhan, said the process for the implementation of the highway began.

5,3 billion pounds investment in the tender Powerchina International Group, Powerchina Road Bridge Group and the Original Construction Joint Venture 17 year 9 month 18 days evaluated as the most appropriate offer Turhan, the highway construction period is planned as 3 said.

140 kilometers of the main body of the said highway, 14 kilometers of connecting roads will be the total length of the 154 kilometer voicing Turhan, 19 bridge junction within the highway, 33 bridge, 19 viaduct and 5 service facility will be reported.

“The two tourism cities will be connected to each other with the comfort and safety of the highway”

Turhan stated that with the completion of the Denizli-Burdur and Burdur-Antalya motorways that will be auctioned on the Aydın-Denizli Motorway and the following stages, the journey that will take 580-6 hours with the existing 7 kilometers state road between İzmir and Antalya will be reduced to 440-3 hours by the 3,5 kilometer highway. The two tourism cities will be connected to each other with the comfort and safety of the highway. ”

Turhan, Aydın-Denizli Motorway, starting from the existing Aydın Ring Road motorway junction to Dalip Yenipazar'a, and then reached the south of the town of Kuyucak, said:

Otoyol The motorway continues south of Sarayköy and ends in Denizli. The Aydın-Denizli Motorway Project will not only connect Aydın and Denizli city centers to each other, but will also facilitate access to important tourism centers such as Pamukkale and Ephesus Antique City. This will ensure safe and comfortable road transport to the tourism, agricultural and commercial areas in the Aegean Region. ”

Turhan wished that the Aydın-Denizli Motorway would be auspicious for the country, especially the citizens living in these cities and wished success to the companies that took the job.


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