Smart Intersections in Manisa Breathe Traffic to Bayram Holiday

manisada smart intersections breathed traffic during the holiday
manisada smart intersections breathed traffic during the holiday

Smart junction system implemented by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in Manisa center and Akhisar has provided significant improvements in traffic intersections. During the 9 daily Ramadan holiday, it was observed that the departures for the feast and the traffic of the return of the feast took place in a very comfortable flow in the regions where smart intersection was used.

Hüseyin Üstün, Head of Transportation Department of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, who made the evaluation of smart intersection systems during 9 daily Ramadan Feast, said “Gediz Junction, geometric junction structure and Manisa – İzmir – intersection with intersection structure. It has become the most important crossroads of Manisa. According to Manisa Traffic Control Center data of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, 9 is the busiest days of Gediz Intelligent Crossroad during the 2019 Ramadan Bayram Holiday; The first day of the holiday (01.06.2019) was Saturday and the last day (09.06.2019) was Sunday.

Tail Ends at Gediz Junction

2018 year of the Eid al-Adha holiday compared to the 2019 Ramadan holiday holiday during the Gediz Junction total number of vehicles passing through the 18 decline, which is recorded by the Superior, said: “490 thousand 540 vehicle travels also saw serious reductions in queues. Although the traffic load increase rate of the vehicles coming from Istanbul direction does not change much on the peak day, the traffic load increase rate of vehicles coming from İzmir direction on the peak day is; percent 49 to 34 percent decrease was observed. This situation; a certain part of the drivers, Gediz Junction crossing route Izmir instead of "certain parts of Istanbul to operate the intercity expressway highway can say that prefer to use," he said.

Reduction in Traffic Load in Akhisar

In Akhisar; Compared to the last 2018 Eid al-Adha holiday, the number of vehicles passing through the 20 decrease has been reduced by approximately half of the Transportation Department President Hüseyin Üstün, “455 bin 249 vehicle travels approximately half-halved in the queues in Akhisar. On the peak day of the vehicles coming from the direction of Manisa, the increase in the traffic load increased by 2 percent, while the increase in the traffic load on the peak day of the vehicles coming from the direction of Istanbul; percent from 51 to 37 percent. This situation is similar to the situation in Gediz Junction. A certain part of the drivers, instead of using the route Akhisar'ı Istanbul "Izmir inter-city expressway, which operates certain parts prefer to interpret the interpreter," he said.

60 Percent Recovery Rate

Traffic, as last year, this year also experienced intensities in the first and last days, adding that the Superior, said: ed Gediz Junction and Akhisar as the number of drivers that determine the travel routes approached half a million in the past years. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which increased the number of Intelligent Intersection Systems to 2018 in 16, during the 2019 Ramadan Holiday, the 9 sacrifice holiday which is the previous 2018 daily holiday holiday, provides approximately 50 improvement in percentage and compared to the signaling before the Smart Junction Systems were installed. It improved 60 levels. ”

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