Konya is Shorter to Mediterranean Coast

📩 24/12/2018 16:28

Konya is connected to the Mediterranean Coast by a Shorter Road: Konya-Beysehir divided highway and Gembos road known as the completion of the New Konya Beysehir-Antalya Highway after the completion of a shorter distance from the Mediterranean coast of Konya said.
It was stated that after the completion of the Konya-Beyşehir divided highway and the completion of the New Konya Beyşehir-Antalya Highway, known as the Gembos road, the landing from Konya to the Mediterranean coast will be provided from a shorter distance. General Manager of Highways Cahit Turhan, who made on-site inspections on Gembos road with the divided highway works carried out in and around Beyşehir, stated that important steps have been taken regarding the two roads. Expressing that the entire divided road between Konya and Beyşehir will be completed in 2015, Turhan stated that the New Konya Antalya Highway with Beyşehir-Derebucak and Gembos routes will be completed in 2016 and opened to traffic. General Directorate of Highways Cahit Turhan was accompanied by AK Party Konya Deputy Candidate Mehmet Babaoğlu, 3rd District Regional Director Ömer Baylar, Beyşehir Mayor Murat Özaltun, AK Party District President Mustafa Şenol and officials accompanied him during his visit to Beyşehir.
Stating that they came to Konya to make on-site inspections and inspections related to highway investments in Konya and its surroundings, Turhan said that they also made investigations in Beyşehir within this framework. Emphasizing that Beyşehir is a beautiful district in the south of Konya and north of the Taurus Mountains, Turhan pointed out that Beyşehir is also a transition point to Konya's Mediterranean coast. Therefore, Turhan stated that they attach importance to the highway investments carried out in the region and stated that they have made significant progress in the divided road construction works between Konya and Beyşehir. Emphasizing that this section is a difficult section in terms of topography, geological structure and environmental conditions in the region, Turhan said that, at the end of this year, this road has the targets to open up the entire traffic in a split way. Turhan said, "If there is no mania that we have not foreseen, we aim to open the traffic between Konya and Beyşehir at the end of this year," he said.
Stating that the ongoing road works in the region are not limited to this and that the project works on the connection of Konya and Beyşehir to the Mediterranean coastal road continue, Turhan said: We have. We are building the tunnel of this route at 5 kilometers Demirkapı close to Turkey's longest highway tunnel. Hopefully we have programmed it to be completed in 2016 and put it into service. Also on this route, works are carried out in the region from Taşağıl to Derebucak. We have been working on the entire route. In our work between Derebucak and Beyşehir, we are doing recovery recovery work this year, we can say that it is almost completed. A four-kilometer section remains, and its infrastructure has been significantly completed. This year, we will have completed the road between Beyşehir Derebucak. ”
Providing information about the new road works carried out and to be carried out in the region, Turhan stated that Beyşehir is one of the important tourism-related districts of Konya with its location and natural beauties. ”We are also continuing to improve our roads in the direction of Beyşehir in Isparta, Doğanhisar and Seydişehir. I have received information about this issue from our friends, and this is our goal of this year, we continue our studies on Doğanhisar road to Ankara Konya road, Konya Afyon road connection. Isparta-Beyşehir-Şarkikaraağaç road works continue on Hüyük. Again, our project works on the Beyşehir-Şarkikaraağaç coastal road took a distance, and this is one of our projects that we will tender in the upcoming investment period. We are carrying out these services in order to provide a more beneficial, high service level transportation to Beyşehir, Konya and our country, and to provide a more economical and safer transportation. ” he spoke.
General Manager of Highways Cahit Turhan stated that there are no problems regarding the road projects carried out, and said: “We have not experienced any problems in the allowances related to the highways until today, our state provided us with the return for all the productions we made and realized. We paid our employees' money for our contractors. We do not think it will happen after that. We continue to perform services by using our target programs, facilities, and capacities fully. The General Directorate of Highways has received the allowance for the work it has done, produced and built so far, and has paid its debts to the contractors. Budget management is also one of our important tasks. Sometimes our budget per year may not be enough, but we continue our efforts to fulfill our government's program, the work order given by our government in a timely manner, and it compensates with the additional funds supported this year.

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