3 Million 750 Thousand Passengers Moved by Railway in Ramadan Feast

million thousand passengers moved by rail in Ramadan
million thousand passengers moved by rail in Ramadan

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan, 9 daily Ramadan Feast holiday at the airport about 6,4 million, 3,2 million buses, 3,8 million trains reported that the service received.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, during the holiday of Ramadan, air, land, railroads, citizens of the loved ones to work smoothly to reach the intense work, he said.

Turhan stated that the number of passengers receiving services from airports during the holidays is 2 million 891 thousand 271 and 3 million 512 thousand 714 in international flights. gave the information.

Turhan said that the airplane traffic of airports was realized as 21 thousand 610 in domestic lines and 23 thousand 522 in international lines.

Pointing out that the number of passengers receiving service from Istanbul Airport is 479 thousand 80 in domestic lines, 1 million 297 thousand 885 in international flights, 1 million 776 thousand 965 in total, said: “Air traffic is also 3 thousand 390 on domestic lines and 9 on international lines. was realized. A total of 17 thousand 12 aircraft were served from Istanbul Airport. ” said.

Turhan stated that during the Ramadan holiday, the air traffic of the airports aimed at tourism is 645 thousand 638 in domestic lines and 1 million 695 thousand in international lines.

Turhan stated that the average number of daily passengers served at airports aimed at tourism is 1 million 492 thousand 143 passengers at Antalya Airport. Turhan at Muğla Dalaman Airport, a total of 172 thousand 93, including 240 thousand 400 international passengers, at Muğla Milas Bodrum Airport. reported that 110 thousand 43 passengers, including 208 thousand 435 domestic passengers, received service.

Minister Turhan said that in Alanya Gazipaşa Airport, a total of 18 thousand 467 passenger traffic, including 28 thousand 307 domestic and 46 thousand 774 international flights, was realized.


Turhan emphasized that the bus companies engaged in the transportation of passengers between cities during the Bayram holiday carried a total of 109 thousand 475 thousand 3 thousand 234 thousand 457 passengers.

“The average daily number of trips reached 40 thousand 8 with an increase of approximately 421 percent compared to the number of flights before the feast. The number of passengers carried and the occupancy rates also increased by approximately 40 percent per trip. With the circular issued by our Ministry, the number of passengers transported on 2 thousand 2 buses exceeded 109 million as a result of the permission to use buses registered in B475 and D3,2 documents in bus transportation. ”

Turhan stated that 523 thousand 516 passengers from Istanbul, 308 thousand 330 passengers from Ankara take the bus to travel elsewhere, 455 thousand 256 passengers arrive in Istanbul and 310 thousand 513 passengers arrive in Ankara.

Turhan said that 16 percent of Bartın, 13 percent of Karabük, 12 percent of Yalova left the city by bus when the transported passengers are proportioned according to the provincial population. 59 thousand 78 passengers moved from Tekirdağ, 44 thousand 8 from Istanbul to Bursa, 32 thousand 288 from Istanbul to Ankara. ” he spoke.


Turhan explained that TCDD Tasimacilik AS added additional expeditions to high-speed trains (YHT) and conventional trains to meet the increasing passenger demand on railways during Ramadan Feast, and added 12 thousand 732 seats capacity to the wagons, not only in YHTs but also in conventional and regional trains. He also added that various types of wagons were added in line with the demands.

Turhan said, “TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ performed 438 times with high-speed trains, 216 with conventional trains, 746 with regional trains, and 3 564 trips with Marmaray and Başkentray. 132 thousand passengers were transported by main lines, 414 thousand by regional trains, 208 thousand by YHTs, 2 million 800 thousand by Marmaray, and 205 thousand by Başkentray. ” said.

Emphasizing that 422 thousand passengers traveled in Marmaray on the second day of the holiday, Turhan said, “Compared to last year's Ramadan Feast, the number of passengers increased by 19 percent in the main line, 7 percent in the region and 2 percent in YHTs. Thus, the number of passengers carried by a total of 6 thousand train journeys was 3 million 750 thousand. ” found the assessment. (DHMİ)

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