DHL Starts Cargo Shipment With Drone In China

dhl cinde drone launches cargo shipment
dhl cinde drone launches cargo shipment

The strategic partnership launched by DHL Express and EHang in China is implementing a major innovation in logistics. Drone with full automatic loading and downloading solution will reduce productivity with less energy consumption and lower costs. In the coming period, it is aimed to further develop the solution at the delivery point.

The world's leading international fast transport service provider DHL Express and leading smart autonomous aircraft manufacturer EHang have signed a strategic partnership. Under the partnership, which makes it possible to overcome the difficulties in door-to-door delivery in major cities of China with fully automatic and smart drones, DHL has become the first international fast air transportation company in the country to provide drone delivery services.

Delivery time 40 minutes to 8 minutes

In the first place, a DHL Liaobu, Dongguan service center and a customer-specific route were created for a DHL customer. Thanks to the intelligent automation capability and safety of the Falcon series UAVs, which are introduced by EHang, problems such as the confusion of city traffic and roads are overcome. Reducing the single-sided delivery time from 40 to 8 minutes reduces the cost per delivery by up to 80, while reducing energy consumption and reduced carbon footprint.

Effective solution for timely delivery within the city

The intelligent drone delivery solution will enhance DHL's delivery capacity and create new opportunities for sustainable growth and economy through the new customer experience it will bring to the logistics industry. The use of drones in delivery services, along with the widespread deployment of B2C and address delivery companies in China, is an important solution to meet the ever-increasing demands of on-time delivery, especially in door-to-door delivery applications.

5 per kilogram carrying capacity

EHang Falcon with eight propellers on all four arms, smart and safe flight control modules, as well as backup systems, brings to the fore the safety of flight. It has features such as vertical take-off and landing, precise GPS and visual identification systems, intelligent flight route planning, full automatic flight and live network connectivity. Drone capable of carrying loads of up to 5 kilograms per expedition, as fully automated and intelligent solutions, are moving between smart stations that allow autonomous loading and unloading of the shipped product. The stations connected with automated processes such as separation, scanning and storage of express shipments will also perform functions such as face detection and ID scanning.



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