DHL Express's cycling courier departs from Thailand

DHL Express's bicycle courier departing from Thailand passed through Istanbul: Under the GoGreen environmental program, DHL Express's bicycle courier, Paul Munstege, was responsible for this ambitious environmentalist approach of the DHL Group, which aims to achieve the “2050” emission target in 0. 14 February 2017 The 53-year-old courier departing from Thailand, 7 will travel to the country and travel a thousand kilometers to 17 during his monthly journey. Munstege draws attention to green logistics solutions by delivering with DHL Express couriers in the countries it passes through.

Paul Munstege, who has been working as a bicycle courier at DHL Express for many years, embarked on an intercontinental bicycle journey to realize his dream and raise awareness of the green logistics practices implemented by the Deutsche Post DHL Group's GoGreen environmental program.

14 February 2017's journey started in Thailand during 17, and 11 plans to reach the Netherlands at the end of the month and 7 travels a thousand kilometers to reach the Netherlands at the end of the month, including Munan, Myanmar, India and Nepal. Munstege's last stop last week was Istanbul.

Turkey also made deliveries on his bicycle

As in all countries, in Turkey, who also suffered with DHL Express courier delivery Munstege Paul's next stop will be in Bulgaria. The 53-year-old courier said he had been planning a world trip for a while and said:

“My journey has a different meaning thanks to the support of DHL Express kazanwas. I make my trip on the cargo bike that I normally use for duty. Meanwhile, as an employee of DHL Express, which has ambitious goals in environmental protection with its GoGreen program, I have the opportunity to show the applicability of green logistics to the whole world. Since my vehicle is not an ordinary bicycle, I received great attention from everyone along the way. This provides an opportunity for me to get my message across to more people.”

2050 targets “0” emissions

The Deutsche Post DHL Group reached its goal in 2007 year ago, 30, with its planned goal of improving carbon efficiency by 4 percent compared to 2016. Finally, the Group announced that it will reduce all logistics-related oscillations to zero by 2050 and also aims to be the market leader in green logistics with environmentally friendly products and services.

Cleaner and less fuel consumption with GoGreen

GoGreen, the environmental protection program of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, is based on two basic principles: az Less and cleaner fuel consumption ”. The “less fuel consumption” approach is based on reducing energy consumption without changing the energy source through measures such as improving load capacity. “Cleaner fuel consumption” focuses on green energy sources and fuels, such as electric vehicles, in the package purchase and delivery processes.

Green logistics applications speed in Turkey kazanis working

DHL Express Turkey, 3. The new warehouse to be built at the Airport will implement the latest technological and environmental practices. The new facility will be Turkey's first full automation of the warehouse with. The water requirement of the building, which generates its own electricity with solar panels, will be provided largely by the conversion of rain water and the whole building will have a strong insulation system.

DHL Express Turkey is also preferred since the use of electric vehicles in its fleet renewal. This year, 10 of the fleet will be replaced by electric vehicles. At the same time the same as the first in the world to wander where Paul Munstege bicycle courier for use in Istiklal Street, was ordered to Turkey.

DHL to follow the rest of Paul Munstege's journey.

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