Metris Junction Connection and End Road Work Ended!

metris junction and side road works end
metris junction and side road works end

TEM Highway-Metris Intersection, which is being constructed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has come to an end in North-South Yanyol and Köprülü Junction Construction. Within the scope of the works, the old pedestrian overpass will be dismantled and replaced with a new overpass. The 11 will be provided with a single lane between the 23.00-06.00 during the day. The work begins at night.

TEM Motorway / Sultangazi and Habipler-Arnavutköy connection to reduce the traffic traffic generated by the TEM Motorway-Metris Interchange North-South Yanyol and Bridge Junction Construction has come to an end. As part of the final phase of the work, the old pedestrian overpass 85 meters long will be lifted and replaced with a new steel pedestrian overpass.

Gaziosmanpaşa District Black Sea District and Sultangazi District, connecting the Republic Quarter, old pedestrian overpass dismantling will be started tonight at 23: 00. Dismantling work 3 will last throughout the day. The works will continue between the night 23.00 and 06: 00 in order to prevent the traffic from being adversely affected.

Following the completion of the dismantling work, the installation of the new steel pedestrian road bridge 80 meters will start. The installation of the new pedestrian bridge is planned to be completed in 8 days.

The new steel pedestrian bridge will be opened to pedestrian traffic as soon as the installation of the old and new bridges has been completed.

TEM-Metris Junction North-South Junction and Interchange

Based on the 23 Protocol dated 2017 dated between the General Directorate of Highways and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the studies were completed with% 90. Within the scope of the studies; 4.500 meters in the north-south direction, the 120 meter-long, 15 meter-wide, double-lane vehicle turn / crossover bridge will be made to return through the TEM Motorway.

When the construction of Metris Bridge Interchange and Yanyol was completed; TEM Motorway-Metris Junction, Sultangazi and Habipler-Arnavutköy connection to the vehicle traffic density will be significantly reduced.

Moreover, the vehicles coming from Edirne to Ankara and heading to Ankara will be provided by Yanyol in Sultangazi, Arnavutköy. Sultangazi district, Edirne in the direction of the TEM Motorway Connection Road will be connected with the connection.

Vehicle Return Bridge and Side Roads are planned to be completed and opened to traffic in the next 1 months.



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