Tourist Eastern Express Coming

tourist coming east
tourist coming east

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan made statements about the 'Touristic Eastern Express', which is planned to be launched on the Ankara-Kars line.

”Day overtime, with 120 passenger capacity“

Turhan said that the new train will be a sister to the Eastern Express and will be composed of 9 wagons.

Turhan said that the train will stop between Ankara and Kars to visit historical and touristic places, and the planning of the stops will be carried out together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and added that the Eastern Express will continue to be used with the new train.

“A new train from the sleepers of the Eastern Express was formed as the lar Touristic Eastern Express“ “

Stating that the Eastern Express, which travels on the top four train routes of the world, offers high quality service to the passengers of all ages, especially young people, nature lovers, groups who want to take photos, said:

“In order to evaluate the increasing demand and provide better service to citizens, a new train for tourism purposes was created to operate between Ankara-Kars-Ankara, one of the sleepers of the Eastern Express.

In accordance with the demands of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara-Kars-Ankara will be operated between the Eastern Express; The 2 wagon will be composed of 1 wagons, 6 wagons, 9 wagons and 120 wagons and will have a total of XNUMX passenger capacity. UM

Turhan stated that the touristic Eastern Express operation is planned to run around 20.00 from Ankara and around 23.00 from Kars. He said that the studies for pricing are continuing.

Interactive Eastern Express Map

East Express Hours and Ticket Prices Touristic East Express's day-to-day operation, Ankara 20.00, Kars 23.00'de will move. The train will move according to the following table:

Train to and from Ankara to Kars
Station Arrival Log out
Ankara Railway Station PM18:00
Kayaş PM18:14 PM18:15
Elmadağ PM18:50 PM18:51
River PM19:18 PM19:20
Kırıkkale PM19:42 PM19:44
Çerikli PM20:38 PM20:39
Yerkoy PM21:26 PM21:28
Şefaatli PM22:05 PM22:06
Sarıkent PM22:24 PM22:25
Yenifakılı PM22:53 PM22:54
Kalkancık PM23:41 PM23:42
Boğazköprü PM00:06 PM00:08
Kayseri PM00:24 PM00:39
garlicky PM01:02 PM01:04
Yeniçubuk PM02:04 PM02:05
Şarkışla PM02:37 PM02:38
the Bedirli PM03:15 PM03:16
Thick PM03:41 PM03:42
Sivas PM04:03 PM04:13
Bostankaya PM04:38 PM04:40
Yenikangal PM05:31 PM05:33
Cetinkaya PM05:49 PM05:51
Avsar PM06:07 PM06:09
Güneş PM06:25 PM06:26
the Göçentaş PM06:33 PM06:35
Cure PM06:49 PM06:51
Demirdağ PM07:03 PM07:04
Divrigi PM07:09 PM07:16
Contact Kemaliye directly PM07:44 PM07:45
Adatepe (Pingen) PM07:54 PM07:55
Bağıştaş PM08:05 PM08:06
Km. 823 200 + PM08:09 PM08:10
Ilic PM08:20 PM08:23
Gullubag PM08:41 PM08:42
Yahşice on PM08:48 PM08:49
Eric PM09:04 PM09:06
Kemah PM09:24 PM09:25
Erzincan PM10:17 PM10:26
Coral PM11:45 PM11:47
Çadırkaya PM11:59 PM12:01
Erbaş PM12:15 PM12:18
Karasu PM12:34 PM12:36
Aşkale PM13:07 PM13:10
Kandilli PM13:27 PM13:28
Spa PM13:52 PM13:53
Erzurum PM14:11 PM14:22
Hasankale PM14:59 PM15:00
Koprukoy PM15:15 PM15:16
Khorassan PM15:39 PM15:41
the Süngütaş PM16:10 PM16:12
Karaurgan PM16:20 PM16:21
the Mount Topdag PM16:32 PM16:33
Sarikamish PM17:13 PM17:15
Kars PM18:13
Train to Kars from Ankara
Station Arrival Log out
Kars PM08:00
Sarikamish PM09:00 PM09:03
the Mount Topdag PM09:41 PM09:42
Karaurgan PM09:51 PM09:52
the Süngütaş PM09:59 PM10:01
Khorassan PM10:27 PM10:28
Koprukoy PM10:51 PM10:53
Hasankale PM11:09 PM11:11
Erzurum PM11:54 PM12:05
Spa PM12:22 PM12:24
Kandilli PM12:49 PM12:50
Aşkale PM13:09 PM13:11
Karasu PM13:42 PM13:44
Erbaş PM14:00 PM14:01
Çadırkaya PM14:15 PM14:16
Coral PM14:28 PM14:29
Iron door PM14:50 PM14:51
Dawn PM15:23 PM15:25
Erzincan PM15:49 PM15:58
Kemah PM16:50 PM16:51
Eric PM17:09 PM17:10
Yahşice on PM17:25 PM17:26
Gullubag PM17:31 PM17:32
Ilic PM17:49 PM17:51
Km. 824 200 + PM18:00 PM18:01
Bağıştaş PM18:05 PM18:06
Adatepe (Pingen) PM18:17 PM18:18
Contact Kemaliye directly PM18:27 PM18:28
Divrigi PM18:56 PM19:03
Demirdağ PM19:08 PM19:09
Cure PM19:21 PM19:22
the Göçentaş PM19:37 PM19:38
Güneş PM19:46 PM19:47
Avsar PM20:03 PM20:05
Cetinkaya PM20:22 PM20:24
Yenikangal PM20:42 PM20:43
Bostankaya PM21:28 PM21:29
Sivas PM21:53 PM22:06
Thick PM22:26 PM22:27
the Bedirli PM22:52 PM22:53
Şarkışla PM23:29 PM23:30
Yeniçubuk PM23:59 PM00:00
garlicky PM00:55 PM01:03
Kayseri PM01:23 PM01:38
Boğazköprü PM01:55 PM01:57
Yenifakılı PM03:13 PM03:14
Sarıkent PM03:42 PM03:43
Şefaatli PM04:00 PM04:01
Yerkoy PM04:39 PM04:41
Çerikli PM05:29 PM05:30
Kırıkkale PM06:27 PM06:29
River PM06:52 PM06:54
Elmadağ PM07:33 PM07:34
Kayaş PM08:09 PM08:10
Ankara Railway Station PM08:22

Bağıştaş Village of İliç district of Erzincan has a fascinating view in four seasons. Earlier RayHaberThe exquisite view we shared from is as follows:

East Express Train Information:

TCDD East Express operates every day between Ankara, Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum and Kars. TCDD East Express train includes pullman, couchette, dining, compartment and sleeper wagons. The train journey between the East Express and Ankara Kars takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Cag kebab and kadayif stuffed order point:

Please note that when ordering the train to Kars, ordering cağ kebab and kadayif stuffing from Erzurum Station starts from Erzincan.

Total Journey Time

1 Days 30 Minutes

Ankara Kars Train Ticket Prices:

East Express, Ankara - Kars 1. locality train ticket price 48.00 tbspis. This is the full ticket price. You can view discount train ticket prices for Ankara to Kars while buying tickets from Eybis online. These discounts are over 65 age discount (50%), 13-26 age discount, 60-64 age discount (20%), 7-12 age discount, staff discount, press discount, teacher discount, TAF discount . You can also buy pet tickets.

Tel: 0 (312) 309 05 15 / 336 Desk - Working Hours: 24 Hours Open

Tel: 0 (474) 223 43 98 - Working Hours: 07.00 - 17.00


Ankara-Sivas YHT line construction works since the date of East-South / Kurtalan, Vangölü Ekspresleri will be operated between Hanlı-Bostankaya without arriving in Sivas and the transportation of passengers to and from Sivas will be provided by buses provided between Bostankaya-Sivas Gar.




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