4. International Iron and Steel Symposium Started

International Iron and Steel Symposium
International Iron and Steel Symposium

3 4 of the International Iron and Steel Symposium, which brings together the representatives of the sector working in the iron and steel industry, has been started in Karabük University as part of the foundation year of XNUMX Nisan Karabük and Karabük Iron and Steel Factory (KARDEMİR).

As part of the 3 April activities, which are the foundation of Karabük and KARDEMİR, they are located in Karabük University (KBU), 4. International Iron and Steel Symposium is organized. International Iron and Steel Symposium will be held at 4-6 April in the International Iron and Steel Symposium. Scientists, experts, academicians, graduates and industry representatives from all over the world will come together to discuss new ideas, international partners for future cooperation will have the opportunity to find.

The opening of the Symposium was held at Karabük University Iron and Steel Institute Conference Hall. Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, Governor of Karabük, Fuat Gürel, Governor of Zonguldak Erdoğan Bektaş, Mayor of Karabük Rafet Vergili, Rector of Karabük University. Dr. Refik Polat, General Manager of Kardemir Hüseyin Soykan and public institutions executives, representatives of non-governmental organizations, invited speakers, academics and students attended.

Rector Polat: We make every effort to be permanent in our successes

Prof Dr Refik Polat
Prof Dr Refik Polat

Speaking at the opening of the International Iron and Steel Symposium 4 Karabük University Rector. Dr. Rafik Parker, has become traditional Symposium will further expand iron and steel giants in Turkey and the world that they want to bring people together.

Rector Polat also emphasized the achievements of Karabuk University at the point of quality education and internationalization and said:

“Karabuk University is the 83rd in Turkey with 6 thousand 350 international students from 3 countries. Karabuk University has the highest number of Syrian, Turkmenistani, Yemeni, Somali, Djiboutian, Chadian and Azerbaijani students in Turkey. With these studies, our university is ranked 500st among Turkey's top 391 service exporters announced by TİM. Equipped with solar energy systems and able to meet 25 percent of the electricity consumed annually from solar energy, it is Turkey's most 'green' university. It is the first state university in Turkey to receive Eaqual accreditation from the world's most prestigious institution in foreign language teaching. Although it was founded in 2008, it is the 20th university among our universities that finds graduates the fastest. Karabuk University was ranked 82th among universities in Turkey in the ranking announced by Nature Index, which creates lists by scanning articles published in 19 of the world's most respected scientific journals. Our university recently awarded the TÜSİAD Entrepreneurship Flag as the university that sent the most students to TÜSİAD's 'Entrepreneurship Camp'. kazanwas.”

to be permanent, said the success of all efforts by the Rector noted that exerted Parker, making the emphasis on the look strong with the university's Kardemir, "We want to make it perfect this union that even let us sample the world and Turkey. I am very grateful to Kardemir for his intimacy and cooperation in our university. Şu

Deputy Minister Büyükdede: Filyos Port and Kardemir's input costs will decrease, competitiveness will increase

View Hasan's Full Profile
View Hasan's Full Profile

Speaking at the symposium, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Hasan Büyükdede, emphasizing the importance of the Port of Filyos "One of the most important contribution to the development of Kardemir, which is waiting for years at the moment and the termination of the port of Filyos I think it is the end of the delay." He said.

Underlining that Kardemir has a special importance in Turkish industry and Turkish iron and steel sector, Büyükdede's speech is as follows:

UM In the 1990 years, Kardemir, which is expected to be closed down seriously, has left these difficult days behind and at the present time, 600 moved its annual production, which is a thousand tons, to 3 million tons today. In order to achieve this goal, 2 has been investing more than a billion dollars in recent years.

One of the most important contributions to Kardemir's development is the delay of the port of Filyos, which has been waiting for years and is now at the stage of completion. With the commissioning of this port, we are in the power of the fact that Kardemir's input costs will decrease significantly and its competitiveness will increase.

We're 17 map of Turkey in April with the ministry of transport logistics. Our work in the harbor in Turkey in the field of rail and road, how to continue work on the development of logistics strategies with industry. Part of our ongoing work is how to connect the port in Kardemir and the industries in this region. We are trying to coordinate an infrastructure that will become an iron and steel industry center in this region.

We consider Karabük University's work towards the iron and steel sector and the distance it has made from the perspective of both faculty members and students as developments that will make a significant contribution to the Turkish steel industry and to Kardemir. We would like to thank Karabük University for their efforts in this regard. We wish our successes to our Rector and faculty members. Say

Governor Gürel: We have a plan to make our region the main region of the iron and steel sector

Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel
Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the symposium, Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel said, em I want to say that Karabük University is a symposium that excites us. We care about this symposium because the iron and steel industry in our country has been the first to start. Poz

Reminding that Kardemir was established in Karabük as a strategic region, Governor Gürel said, Val We have a plan to make our region the main region of the iron and steel sector. As Karabük, we are a part of this. Very valuable to us. I think this symposium has an important place in the name of Karabük, Bartın and Zonguldak region. Ben

Kardemir General Manager Soykan: Production goal 2021 at the beginning of the year 3,5 million tons to go

General Manager of Kardemir Dr Hüseyin Soykan
General Manager of Kardemir Dr Hüseyin Soykan

General Manager of Kardemir Hüseyin Soykan, in his speech at the symposium, conveyed important developments related to Kardemir. Soykan said after the 2002 year, Kardemir had a big increase in production.

I 2018 billion 1 million tons of steel was produced in 800. Turkey 37,5 million tonnes. If Kardemir came to 2,4 million tons, in fact, after Turkey's Kardemir 2002 and made more of an increase than the increase in world production. This year, I hope for the first time we will go above 2.5 million tons, this is our goal. The 3 monthly data shows us that, but not enough, our ultimate goal will be at the end of next year with some of the investments we built this year, or at the beginning of 2021 to reach a million tons in 3,5, and so will have a global role in the world with 2 million tons and more. Iyor

Touching on the future projects of Kardemir, Soykan said that they continue to carry out environmental commitments, especially regarding environmental pollution. Soykan stated that they have taken important steps in social responsibility issues and mentioned two new projects and gave the following information:

Var Yenişehir houses have an engineer club project in our region. We will do it Kardemir Industry Museum, now that project began to occur. Because it is very important to tell the future generations about the past, to tell what happened in the past, and at this point a nice service is waiting for us. The other subject; We had the Yenişehir cinema, and we turned it into a theater cultural center. Yen

President of Rollers Association Baylan: Filyos Port is very necessary for us to be able to sell to Europe and Europe.

President of the Association of Rollers Pehlivan Baylan
President of the Association of Rollers Pehlivan Baylan

Rollers Association President Pehlivan Baylan, in his speech on rolling milling in Karabük, emphasized that 15 tons of rolling mills produced 40 tons per hour and today 100 - 120 exports to the country.

Baylan pointed out the importance of the Port of Filyos for Kardemir, which will also contribute to the field of defense industry. Em Filyos Port is very necessary for us to be able to sell to the world and Europe isi.

After the opening speech, 4. International Iron and Steel Symposium continued with the presentations of invited speakers. In the afternoon session, a panel on X 2023 Vision of Iron and Steel Sector V was held. The 6 Symposium will continue until April and the participants will be presenting the current situation of the iron and steel industry, projects to be made in the future, and presentations on various subjects.

Rectorate office met

Rectorate office
Rectorate office

Karabük University organized by 4. Prior to the International Iron and Steel Symposium, Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, Governor of Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel and Zonguldak Governor Erdoğan Bektaş, Rector of Karabük University. Dr. He visited Refik Polat in his office.

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